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Snake River Correctional Institution Profile and Valuable Information

A medium-security facility for adult males, in the eastern part of Oregon, is located in the whereabouts of a city called Ontario. It is the largest incarceration facility out of all the prisons under the Oregon Department of Corrections. It has, in residence, some provision for minimum-security inmates too.

The Snake River prison is a 103-acre plot, fenced in with a total capacity of housing some 3,000 inmates. Prisoners can be assigned to segregated housing, intensive management housing, in the hospital, or in administrative segregation residences, aside from the general category of residential units. There is a section of the Snake River facility that has provision for incentive housing; this is a reinforcement-based housing program for those inmates who exhibit “good” behavior for a substantial period of time.

Snake River Correctional Institution

Some historical facts and details

The facility opened its doors in 1991 and was pegged as a multi-security prison as it had provisions for minimum and medium custody inmates. Originally, it was a facility that was estimated at having 3,000 beds, but in the first phase of its construction, only close to 700 beds were completed. With the approval of the legislature of Oregon, 2,300 more bed-occupancy structures were built at the phenomenal cost of $175 million.

The staggering cost of the additional structure made this Oregon’s largest funded public welfare project in history. During construction, an inmate workforce contributed to the building of the new addition. The overall construction of the expansion was undertaken by Hoffman Construction Company. Snake River Correctional Institution is distinctive in its function, in that it has decentralized unit detainee services; these allow the Department of Corrections to categorize inmates into sections best suited to them.

There is an administrative segregation unit for separation of prisoners for their own safety from fellow inmates, a punitive unit, which is disciplinary in nature, and a unit to house inmates in long-term solitary confinement for repeated violent behavior. The facility has a systematic corridor plan that links housing units, programs and course sections, and work areas; this enables the movement of prisoners from one part of the facility to another, despite any kind of weather.

The facility employs approximately 900 staff members in an all-inclusive area of nearly 540 acres of land; it is connected to the Snake River by a small rivulet. The cost to operate the facility is about $50 million per year. This is one of the more "expensive" prisons in the state as well.

Snake River Correctional Institution Inmate Programs, Education, and Facilities Offered

The institution offers varied and positive attitude enhancement programs and courses to inmates. There is a collaborative animal shelter program, a crochet course, a marriage - enrichment program, a quilting course, a veterans affairs program. The prison, which facilitates a dog shelter, encourages prisoners to become animal handlers, and, at times, a prisoner will often keep 4-5 dogs in a cell with him through the day.

Snake River Correctional Institution Oregon
If an animal is sick, the prisoner is allowed to keep the animal with him, in his cell, even at night. Apart from this, there are industries such as a call center on the property, a laundry, and a sign manufacturing shop. Inmates are employed here and gain an optimistic outlook as well as a reason to wake up every day.

Some important information

  • Address: Snake River Correctional Institution, 777 Stanton Blvd, Ontario 97914, United States of America. Mailing guidelines are strict and have to be stringently adhered to. One can find out more at the Oregon Department of Corrections website at
  • Phone: (541) 881-5000
  • Visitation: For visitation, one can have a look at the visitation guide on the Oregon Department of Corrections website at One can search for, and locate an inmate at

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on July 3, 2022
Sensitive Information!