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Southern Nevada Correctional Center Profile and Valuable InformationOriginally, a medium-security prison for men, Southern Nevada Correctional Center is located about 30 miles towards the south of Las Vegas. The Nevada Department of Corrections was responsible for the administration and operation of this facility. It is quite common to confuse this facility with the Southern Desert Correctional Center or the Nevada Southern Detention Center, both of which are located in Nevada. While the former is administered by the state, the latter is a privately run prison that is run by the CCA (Corrections Corporation of America).

Southern Nevada Correctional Center

Southern Nevada Correctional Center History

Southern Nevada Correctional Center’s history can be traced back to 1978 when the prison first opened its doors to the general public. However, in the year 2000, the facility was closed, only to be reopened for the next two years to accommodate inmates who were under the age of 25. Nevada legislators once again created some interest in this facility in the year 2015, indicating chances of Southern Nevada Correctional Center being reopened again.

However, this indication towards reopening the facility was more political than real. When the facility had originally opened in 1978, it was used to house prisoners who were sentenced for crimes such as DUI and similar offenses. However, a psychiatric center was later developed inside Desert Hall. This unit of the facility was used as a psychological treatment unit with medium-security protocols, used to house those inmates who were unfit or unsafe to be housed with the general population of the facility.

If one has to look back to the year 1980 and those that followed after that, most prisoners who were part of this facility were either sex offenders, or criminals who have enjoyed protective custody in the previous prison he was in, or criminals serving life sentences with a considerable time spend in jail without having caused any problems in their previous prisons. The Southern Nevada Correctional Center is also known for being the first prison in the nation to install the innovative electronic tracking system for every single prisoner.

Southern Nevada Correctional Center  Location and Contact Details

Southern Nevada Correctional Center’s address has been listed as 1 Prison Road, Jean, Nevada. This address also served as the inmate mailing address, which could have been used by a relative or friend of the inmate to mail things to him. However, it was necessary to ensure that the mail did not contain any prohibited items and that the inmate’s name and ID were properly mentioned.

You could also contact them via their phone numbers. However, owing to the facility being closed as of present, Southern Nevada Correctional Center’s phone number is no longer functional.

Southern Nevada Correctional Center Inmate Programs

Southern Nevada Correctional Center’s inmate programs were designed to help inmates gain a chance at a normal life and learn skills and talents they could use in the real world to gain employment. These programs included basic adult education, vocational programs, GED courses and other therapeutic programs for substance abuse and mental health. However, since the facility is no longer operational and has no inmates housed within it, there are no ongoing inmate programs in Southern Nevada Correctional Center.

Southern Nevada Correctional Center Mail/Visitation Rules and Visiting Hours

The Nevada Department of Corrections governed Southern Nevada Correctional Center’s mail and visitation rules. However, since the facility has been closed down, no such rules are applicable anymore. Similarly, Southern Nevada Correctional Center’s visiting hours are invalid owing to there not being a single inmate housed inside the facility now.

Southern Nevada Correctional

Keeping in touch

Despite Southern Nevada Correctional Center, being a facility that has been closed down, many people might require information that pertained to an inmate previously housed inside this facility. To obtain such information, taking the help of an inmate locator is essential. However, it can prove to be a strenuous task, because there are numerous such platforms available in the market. Therefore, you need to find the best Southern Nevada Correctional Center inmate locator, which can provide you with updated and pertinent information.

The only inmate locator that ticks all these requirements is GoLookUp Inmate Search Directory. Their extensive database and list of relevant information is undoubtedly the place you should be searching to find any information you might require about Southern Nevada Correctional Center or an inmate who was housed inside the facility.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on June 28, 2022
Sensitive Information!