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Stanley Correctional Institution Profile and Valuable Information

Stanley Correctional Institution located in Wisconsin is a state prison. It has a maximum capacity of 1500 inmates with a security level of medium. The facility opened its doors to corrections in 1998 and was officially bought by the state in 2001. It has a total area of 100 acres.

The purpose statement of Stanley Correctional Institution has a wide array of points that helps the public identify with what the institution stands for. Some of its objectives are as below:

  • SCI ensures that safety is an important factor is its daily functioning. Thus the safety of public, staff and inmates is an application enforced in the facility..
  • SCI believes in a sense of community and shared responsibility in the workplace.
  • Correctional strategies are conceptualized and developed as per the needs of individuals
  • The institution is always ready to explore ideas and make changes for the good of the population inside the prison
  • SCI believes that a healthy relationship can be cultivated only with active engagement, communication, and participation within the community.
  • SCI does everything within its power to teach, model and reinforce relationships through daily interactions and communication with inmates
  • To ensure an environment free of harassment for everyone involved within the institution which includes the staff, visitors and inmates.
  • SCI makes all efforts to be sensitive to victim issues, especially to those who are victimized within the walls of the facility.
  • SCI is always open to ideas that would help healthy growth and development of the institution.
  • Cleanliness is paramount and the institution does everything it can to keep the premises clean and orderly.
Stanley Correctional Institution

Stanley Correctional Institution Inmate Lifecycle:

The lifecycle of an inmate at the Stanley Correctional Institution comprises of three phases which are Reception Orientation Assessment, Education Treatment Training and Preparing for Release.

Reception Orientation Assessment: As soon as the intake procedure is finished, the inmates are given a rundown on three major factors. The first factor is that every inmate needs to be well aware of the institution's rules and regulations. Moreover, SCI expects every inmate to adhere to all regulations issued, maintain hygiene and keep the premises clean.

Other orientation tasks include inmate accounts, legal obligations, money transactions and conduct at canteens. Additionally, on arrival to SCI, inmates are assessed and evaluated by the health department, the psychological services departments and the classification section. The classification section determines the site placement for each inmate.

It also determines inmate custody and program assignments. These first steps take about 8 weeks to complete. After all the above conditions are fulfilled, the transfer will take place as soon as preparations are finished at the receiving site.

Education, Treatment, and Training: When an inmate arrives at the facility allocated to him, he is briefed on the various programs available to him. Primary education, vocational skills training, and other activities are available for the inmate during the duration of his incarceration at SCI. Apart from the main course of study, inmates can all try their hand in dog training, gardening, hobby and craft activities, music, drug recovery and support groups, religious studies, vermiculture, restorative justice, etc.

Preparing for release: The pre-release program helps and assists inmates to plan and prepare for their re-entry into society. These preparations help them seamlessly enter society and live as good and responsible citizens. Thus the pre-release program provides an inmate, a social worker, and parole and probation officer that he or she will be accountable to during the time out of prison. The program encourages establishing contacts with family, friends and other support groups. The inmate should establish resident treatment plans and providing referrals for assistance through the release process.


3099, East Washing Ave,

Madison, WI 53704

Phone (608) 240-5000

Stanley Correctional Institution Wisconsin

Stanley Correctional Institution Inmate Search

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on June 28, 2022
Sensitive Information!