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State Correctional Institution Chester Pennsylvania Profile and Valuable Information

An Introduction of The State Correctional Institution – Chester Pennsylvania

The State Correctional Institution is not an extremely high-security facility for correction. This facility is located in Delaware County in Pennsylvania, United States. The facility contains all male inmates in it. It houses numerous inmates for the purpose of improvement. Most of the inmates are present due to their alcohol and substance abuse problems.

The facility makes a number of efforts and provides a number of programs for their correction. This facility is totally responsible for the care of the inmates present in the facility for the purpose of providing them a better life or those who have been arrested in order to give them an opportunity for the correction. The facility is present in a wide area and provides high capacitation to those residing in the facility.

Pennsylvania State Correctional Institution
The facility functions actively for their correction and further framing their future, keeping them on the right track. The main role of rehabilitation is well achieved through this facility by the active efforts of the workers. It works for providing the right direction to those present in the facility and makes every possible effort to mainstream them in the society at large.

Details of State Correctional Institution Chester Pennsylvania

State Correctional Institution history can be traced long back. It is a renowned facility and one of the most appreciated facilities in terms of the welfare of the inmates present due to several reasons. State Correctional Institution address is Chester State, Correctional Institution, 500 E. Fourth Street, Chester, PA 19013. One can mail an inmate using this address. State Correctional Institution mail ( can be sent using the same address) and visitation rules are to be followed by every visitor.

State Correctional Institution visiting hours are from 2:30 pm to 8:30 pm on Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. On the first Thursday of every month, there will be no visits scheduled in the facility. State Correctional Institution phone number to be used is (610)-490-5412. State Correctional Institution inmate locator can be used to find out an inmate.

One can easily do this using the GoLookUp inmate search directory and by visiting State Correctional Institution inmate programs are present to provide the inmates with a positive direction through vocational skills and educational programs.


With the extensive efforts of the facility, inmates are motivated to make progress in the facility. For this, a number of inmate programs are introduced. Adult education is emphasized in the facility. Inmates are indulged in gardening, carpentry, electrical work like repairing and rebuilding, construction work and building work, firefighting. A number of choices are present for the inmates in the State Correctional Facility of United States so that those residing in the facility can invest their time in a direction beneficial to them as well as the society.

State Correctional Institution Chester Pennsylvania
The efforts of this facility are appreciated throughout the region and the trained professionals are progressively engaging the inmates in the activities for their better future outside the facility. This facility is also a boon for the offenders of sex-related crimes and thus help them to rebuild their past and reframe their mind so as to become an able citizen of the country. The facility works in harmony with the laws of the nation.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on July 2, 2022
Sensitive Information!