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There are two types of prisons in the USA, one is the Federal Prison which is managed by the Federal Bureau of Prisons and the second is the State Prison which is managed by the state. While those convicted with white collar crimes are generally sent to Federal Prison, those found guilty of more dangerous crimes are sent to serve their term in the sState Prisons. Each state in the US has multiple State Prisons, while some states have between 2 and 5 prisons, some states have as many as 35.

Number of Inmates

State prisons are generally known to be poorly managed and have less funding. These prisons are also usually over crowded and handling way more prisoners than their intended capacity.

Mailing Information

If you wish to write to inmates in any of the State Prisons in the US, you will have to get the mailing information of the prison as well as the facility the inmate is housed on. You will also need to know the full name and the ID number of the inmate you wish to write to. You can also write to the institution directly or to the warden of the prison.

State Prison Near You
Visitation Hours

Most state prisons allow visitors over Saturdays and Sundays during specific timings. Make sure you check the allotted time before you visit the prison. For high-security prisons, visitation can get a bit tricky as the screening process is elaborate. It is important that you fill out the visitation form online and wait for your application to get approved before you visit any prison. State prisons also allow the inmates to have visitors on the four important holidays in the US, which are New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day and the Fourth of July.

Prison Wardens and CEOs

Each state prison has a warden or acting warden who overlooks the functioning of the prison. The prisons also have a designated healthcare services CEO.

Institutional Programs

State prisons offer quite a few programs for the inmates. These programs can help inmates pick up new skills during their incarceration, complete their education and improve their quality of life. Taking advantage of these programs, inmates can create job opportunities for themselves once they are done serving their sentence.

Inmates can choose from programs that teach them welding, computers and cabling, plumbing administration and so on. Some prisons also have training sessions to teach inmates to manufacture fabrics which are used to make navy clothing. Inmates can also learn electrical work and air conditioning and refrigeration while serving their sentence.

State Prison Near You
Academic Programs

Inmates at state prisons are also encouraged to complete their education during their incarceration. The facilities also have literacy programs to help inmates learn to read and write. Inmates can complete the GED or high school or even Basic Adult Education, while at the facility.

Other Programs

State prisons also have other programs that focus on improving the quality of life of the inmates, These programs include self-help groups like Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous that aid inmates in getting their life back on track. Religious programs are also offered at most State Prisons.

How to Find an Inmate in a State Prison?

Locating an inmate who is serving a sentence at any State Prison is quite an easy task. All you need to know is the inmate's full name and the state in which the individual is serving his or her sentence. There are various websites that help you find inmates in state prison by entering just a few details. Each state has its own site to locate inmates, so a quick search online is the first step.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on December 4, 2021
Sensitive Information!