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Texas State Prison Information

Can there be a state or country in which there are no prisons? The answer can be in the affirmative, provided there are no crimes in the country or the state. But unfortunately, crime incidents have been taking place day in and day out. In fact, criminals have started adopting highly advanced technological methods to carry out their evil activities.

The purpose of having prisons is to change the attitude of such criminals so that they can join the mainstream society and lead a normal life. Though it is difficult to say that the authorities have been able to achieve this objective fully, there are several instances in which criminals have dispensed with their old attitude and become as normal as other people in their societies. Therefore, prisons are very much necessary and they should continue to be a part of the law-enforcing process.

Apart from putting in place a viable and workable prison and jail system, countries like the USA are constantly monitoring the results. The intention is to make suitable improvements that can enhance the quality of the results. In fact, every state of the USA has established a separate Criminal Justice Department for achieving this aim. Let us now look at some of the details about the state prisons in the state of Texas, USA.

Texas State Prison

Contact Information of the Texas State Prison

If someone wants to contact the Texas State Prison, they can use the number +1 972-225-1304.

The number of inmates in Texas State Prison.

The state prison has a capacity of over 2,200 which means 2,200 inmates are there in it.

Address of the prison.

1500 E Langdon Rd, Dallas, TX 75241, USA.

Mailing information.

Those who want to send a letter to an inmate can use the following steps. They should address the envelope and the address should begin with the booking number of the inmate. They should not forget to include their name and the return address. Sending confidential information is not advisable. Similarly, prohibited items should not be sent also. Once the details such as the inmate's booking number, address of the prison, and the sender's address are filled in, the letter can be sent to the prison address.

Visitation Hours of the Texas State Prison

The visitation hours of the Texas State Prison are between 8 AM and 5 PM on Saturdays and Sundays. In general, only one visit in a visiting cycle is allowed for offenders who are eligible.

Fax and Phone Numbers of the Texas State Prison

The phone number of the state prison is +1 972-225-1304.

Texas State Prison

Warden Information

Lewis is the warden of the state prison at Huntsville, Texas.

Management Information

It is the Correctional Institutions Division of the TDCJ or the Texas Department of Criminal Justice that operates and manages the Texas State Prison.

Institutional Programs, Academic Programs, Other Programs

Several institutional, academic, and other programs are offered to the inmates in the Texas State Prison. Some of them are:

  • Administrative Segregation Diversion Program.
  • Cognitive Intervention Transition Program.
  • Baby and Mother Bonding Initiative.
  • Corrective Intervention Pre-Release Program.
  • In-Prison Driving While Intoxicated Recovery Program.
  • Youthful Offender Program.
  • "Inner-change" Faith-Based Pre-Release Program.
  • Sex Offender Rehabilitation Programs.
  • Substance Abuse Treatment Program.
  • Serious and Violent Offender Reentry Initiative Program.
  • Post-Secondary Education Programs.

The purpose of offering these programs is to correct the attitude of the offenders so that they can become normal citizens and lead lives as others in society lead.

How to Find an Inmate in the Texas State Prison?

Those who want to find an inmate should visit the website of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. They should fill in the details such as the last name and the first name of the inmate, his or her TDCJ number, SID number, gender, and race. The site will provide them with the details they need.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on February 16, 2020
Sensitive Information!