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Turbeville Correctional Institution Profile and Valuable Information

Turbeville Correctional Institution is located in South Carolina and is run by the South Carolina Department of Corrections. The prison basically houses only men. The facility was opened in 1994 and has a capacity of 1472 inmates and is designated as a medium-security Level 2 correctional institution. The department of correction of South Carolina has four security levels that correspond to the kind of prisoners they house. Some of the security levels are as follows:

Level 1-A (L1A): Level 1-A is the least dangerous level of them all. The level houses non-violent offenders who are within 36 months of their release date. Level 1 is mainly a work and program-oriented level that focuses its energies to provide professional and specialized instruction for the inmate with a subsequent schedule for re-entry into society.

Turbeville Correctional Institution

Level 2 (L2): Level 2 is a medium-security area with single fenced perimeters and electronic surveillance. It is a bit more secure than the Level 1 facility. It is a structure that mainly consists of double bunks. Some areas have double-bunked cubicle structures too.

Level 3 (L3): Level 3 is the most dangerous among all three levels. This level houses some of the most violent and dangerous offenders who serve long sentences and have behavioral problems. In a level 3 facility, extensive electronic surveillance is incorporated. Additionally, the perimeters are double fenced. Security here is also in high intensity wherein guards closely supervise all activities and movement in the campus is highly restricted.

Turbeville Correctional Institution Inmate Programs:

The program services in Tuberville as well as in all correctional institutions in South Carolina has a healthy regimen where rehabilitation, educational courses, technical courses, and vocational certificates are imparted to inmates. In addition, there is also a very effective substance abuse treatment program designed for inmates that are in need of such services.

The SPICE Program: The SPICE or Self Paced In Class Education Program is a custom made educational program that provides life skill training, vocational training and career awareness to inmates. The study at SPICE is in fact two-pronged. One component of the study is the institutional component and the other is the community-based component.

The institutional component of SPICE is operated by the South Carolina Department of Correction. The weekly classes are held on vocational as well as educational training. The average length of a typical institutional component is 18 weeks.

The community-based supervision component is run by the South Carolina Department of Vocational Rehabilitation and South Carolina Technical Colleges. Apart from the vocational training, inmates also have to take part in spiritual events such as church activities. In churches, inmates get in touch with spiritual mentors who help them find spirituality which in turn helps inmates ease into society on release.

Division of Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse Service:

The Division of Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse Services is committed towards the good health and well being of all offenders in its fold. The entity functions to identify and assess substance abuse within the inmate population and subsequently address the problem from several angles, thereby bringing specific solutions to each substance abuse problem individual. Every person who was a part of the program will get additional assistance towards community reintegrating planning.

Camille Graham Addiction Treatment Unit: The Camille Graham Treatment Unit is a 48-bed residential program specifically designed for female inmates. This program is a 9-month program designed to be gender-specific and broadly uses Therapeutic Community Model treatment and approach.

Male Youthful Offender Substance Abuse Program: The highlight of Turbeville Correctional Institution is the Male Youthful Offender Substance Abuse Program. Participants of this program have kicked the habit permanently and have remained clean for many years. This facility has a 272-bed structure for youthful male offenders only.

Turbeville Correctional Institution South Carolina

Turbeville Correctional Institution Inmate Search

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on January 20, 2022
Sensitive Information!