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Varner Unit Profile and Valuable Information

The Varner Unit, Arkansas is a correctional facility where criminals are given a lifetime chance to improve their lifestyle and get transformed. This detention facility in Arkansas is a supermax facility where the inmates are some of the most notorious and dangerous criminals in Lincoln county. With many death row inmates, this correction facility has high security throughout the year.

Varner Unit History

The Varner Unit, Arkansas history was opened in 1987. This detention facility was opened to help the Arkansas state correction facility to house its overflowing crowd. This unit comprises two divisions namely the Varner unit and Varner supermax unit. The supermax unit was opened in 2000 and the security of this county prison was improved in 2003. The execution of the prisoners is not done in this correction facility. This unit is known as Gladiator’s school.

Varner Unit Location

The Varner Unit, Arkansas address is:

Varner Unit

Road off Highway 65

State Highway 388, Gould AR 71643

Lincoln County


The Varner Unit, Arkansas phone number is


Varner Unit
The Varner Unit Arkansas visiting hours are:

One can visit prisoners at the institution on Saturday and Sunday between 12 PM to 4 PM. People can come around 11:30 AM to stand in a queue while the gate is opened for visitors.

The Varner Unit, Arkansas mail, and visitation rules are as follows. One can mail the inmate at the following mailing address:

Inmate Name, ID number

Varner Unit

PO box 600

Grady AR 71644-0600

Varner Unit Visitation rules

The Arkansas correction facility has visitation rules in place that help in improving family relationships. One has to come a day prior to check when they can visit their family and friends according to the schedule in the Varner Unit. If anyone comes late or misses the appointment, they have to wait for the next scheduled to meet the family. There are dress code for visitors and a bag screening and metal detection is compulsory before the meet is approved.

Varner Unit Inmate programs

The Varner Unit, Arkansas inmate programs include various educational and institutional programs namely:

  1. PIA- laundry and health facility maintenance
  2. Vocational courses like AC repair, refrigerator repair, automobile repair, building maintenance, masonry, etc. are offered.
  3. Academic programs like computer education, library literacy programs, computer assembling, a basic educational model for juvenile and adults and voluntary educational programs are included
  4. Other awareness programs like victim awareness, anti-violence, toastmasters, veterans group, parenting classes are conducted inside the campus
  5. Alcoholics Anonymous, anger and stress management, etc. are also conducted as sessions on the campus for their jail inmates.
Varner Unit Arkansas

Varner Unit inmate search

Every correction facility has a different way to identify its inmates. At Arkansas correction facilities, the inmates are identified by their inmate ID. One can either look up the roaster to locate the inmate or can use technology by clicking on the Varner Unit, Arkansas inmate locator GoLookUp inmate search directory at This website can be accessed by anyone and the details of the jail inmates and arrest records can be procured by entering the first name, last name and the country in the edit boxes. GoLookUp website has a direct link with the Federal database and can search one in a million records within second’s time. The arrest records and Mugshots related to jail inmate cannot be used elsewhere without the permission of the concerned.

The Varner Unit is one of the oldest state prisons. This high-security state prison for men has a capacity of 1714 people and was opened to reduce the crowd in the Arkansas state prison. This detention facility helps the inmates to learn how to forget their past life and grow into a trustworthy human being.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on July 1, 2022
Sensitive Information!