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Washington State Prison Georgia Information

The Washington State Prison is situated in a place called Davisboro in Georgia. The population of the prison is exclusively for adult males only. The security level of the correctional facility is a medium level. The capacity of the Washington State Prison is approximately one thousand five hundred and fifty inmates. Most of the prisoners are kept in triple or double sharing cells. Only a few of the inmates who have a history of disciplinary problems are kept alone in single cells. This section is called the segregation unit of the Washington State Prison. The inmates here are are a threat to the safety and security concerns of other prisoners and correctional officers of the facility. The Washington State Prison first opened in the year 1991.

Visiting Convention

If you wish to visit any inmate in the Washington State Prison, then first you have to log in their official website to get the details of the prisoner you want to visit. As the Washington State Prison is a medium security prison, all of the inmates will generally have their visitation rights. Only in some cases as a punishment for some disciplinary actions the visitation rights of a prisoner might be suspended for a limited time period. It is advisable that you check the website and the current status of the prison before you plan to visit the inmate.

Washington State Prison Georgia

Sometimes the prisoner might also be transferred to another state prison in Georgia. You can get all the information on the website if you fill in the full name and the prison booking number of the inmate. You can also call the Washington State Prison to get all the detailed information that you need.

Visitation timing: Generally the prisoners of the Washington State Prison are open to visitors from 9 am to 3 pm every Saturday, Sunday and on all the officially recognized state holidays.

Washington State Prison

Washington State Prison Georgia Address

Washington State Prison
13262 Highway 24 East 
Davisboro, Georgia 31018

Washington State Prison Georgia Phone: 478-348-5814

Washington State Prison Georgia Inmate Mailing Address

P.O. Box 206,
13262 Hwy 24 East
Davisboro, Georgia 31018

Fax: 478-348-5613

Washington State Prison Georgia
Washington State Prison Georgia Mission 

The Washington State Prison wants to effectively uphold public safety and hold the convicts while functioning as a secure and safe correctional facility. The prison works in close proximity with the local community to ensure that they fulfill the mission to the best of their abilities. The Washington State Prison also houses an in-house transitional program, to help prisoners acquire skills and character traits that will help them survive in the world outside the prison walls.

Work in Washington State Prison

The management along with a few nonprofit organizations and government bodies have made a variety of work available for the prisoners. The inmates of the Washington State Prison can work in the kitchen, farm, correctional industries, laundry, maintenance, central, state hospital, vehicle, general maintenance, trash detail, annex rear gate, composting, Department of Transportation Detail, etc. For working these jobs the inmates get some stiffened which they can save to buy things from the in-house prison shop of the Washington State Prison. Some prisoners prefer to save it and send it to their family and friends living outside. While there are others who have it only to spend it once they are freed from the prison.

Other than that these jobs also keep the prisoners busy and active. It gives them a sense of purpose in the Washington State Prison. This also helps them exercise a particular skill and gain experience.

Washington State Prison Georgia Programs

Along with in-house job opportunities, the Washington State Prison offers various kind of programs to the inmates. Counseling, Academic, Recreational, Religious and Vocational programs are available for the inmates of the Washington State Prison.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on November 30, 2021
Sensitive Information!