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West Tennessee State Penitentiary Profile and Valuable Information

The Tennessee Department of Corrections is in charge of the West Tennessee State Penitentiary that is an open prison home to inmates belonging to different custody levels. This state prison has been operational since the year 1990 and can hold up to 2.318 inmates at any given time. The security level of inmates residing within this facility varies from minimum, medium to maximum security.

The entire West Tennessee State Penitentiary is an amalgamation of three sites – namely Site One, Site Two & Site Three. Among all the different sites, Site Three is for those inmates who belong to a minimum to medium-security level while Site Two is meant for those inmates who belong to high security. Site Two has four units where inmates are segregated and disciplined within closed boundaries. Site one, on the other hand, is a minimum-security site that is referred to as the Annex located outside of the adjacent Site Two and Site Three.

West Tennessee State Penitentiary

West Tennessee State Penitentiary Visiting Hours

The West Tennessee State Penitentiary believes that visitation by loves ones is one of the things that contribute and help in the healing and reformatory process for all inmates. The state prison encourages friends and families of inmates to visit inmates within the prison regularly. Inmates often find it difficult to adjust to life within the penitentiary walls which is the reason why outside contact and seeing loved ones is important.

Visitors can visit the state prison on weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) and holidays from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm. For those visitors who are unable to visit an inmate on these specific days, there are specific visitation times that are allocated to them on Mondays from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

For those who wish to locate an inmate within the facility, they can log onto for further details.

West Tennessee State Penitentiary Inmates Programs

Within the West Tennessee State Penitentiary, inmates get the chance to take part in several programs that are offered to them. These programs are all meant to help in the reformatory process of inmates and to also provide them help and support so that they can become contributing members of society upon release. Some of the different programs that are offered within the prison walls include vocational programs, employment programs, and reformatory programs.

The details of these programs are as follows:

Vocational Programs – Inmates belonging to the West Tennessee State Penitentiary can opt for classes in microcomputer technologies, carpentry, and masonry. These vocational skills are taught to inmates so that they can earn a living for themselves when they are released from the facility. The skills of all inmates are enhanced to reach professional levels during their stay within the facility. Additionally, all inmates are also monitored carefully during the program.

Employment Programs – Only a select number of inmates can opt for this program during their stay within the state prison. Inmates can participate in TRICOR industries and work for different factories like a textile factory, a farm operation or even a digital tag plant. The earnings that an inmate acquires through this program are kept aside for him during their term at the state prison. Upon release, these earnings are meant to help inmates with starting their new life.

Reformatory Programs – this program is especially for those inmates who are struggling with alcohol and drug abuse. Inmates are made to understand the importance of life, the consequences of their actions and the impact that their actions create on others around them. All inmates belonging to this program are counseled regularly and a positive environment is created for them so that they can heal and reform themselves with the help of others.

West Tennessee State Pen

West Tennessee State Penitentiary Contact Details

Address: West Tennessee State Penitentiary, 480 Green Chapel Road, Henning, Tennessee 38041

Phone Number: (731)-738-5044

Mailing Address: Inmate Name & ID Number, West Tennessee State Penitentiary, 480 Green Chapel Road, Henning, Tennessee 38041

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on July 2, 2022
Sensitive Information!