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Whitworth Women's Facility Profile and Valuable Information

Whitworth Women's Facility Georgia History

Whitworth Women's Facility was constructed in 1991 but was opened and renovated in 2013. It is a medium-security prison for women with a capacity to house 442 adult female offenders at a time. This prison has 7 open dormitories. The dormitories have a total of 436 beds and 6 segregation or isolation cells for extreme trouble makers within the facility.

Whitworth Women's Facility Georgia Phone Number

Anyone who wishes to connect with a female visitor or ask for details can contact on 7068562601. This is also the fax number of the Whitworth Women's Facility.

Whitworth Women's Facility Georgia Address

The prison for female offenders is located at 414 Valley Hart Road, Hartwell, GA 30643.

Whitworth Women's Facility
Whitworth Women's Facility Georgia Inmate Programs

This Georgia prison facility for women currently has the following programs for its inmates:

Academic: Female felons within the facility are given remedial solutions to cope with their literacy and taught basic education under the academic programs. They are also offered a chance to avail a diploma in general education from the facility.

Counseling: There are a number of therapies such as Moral Recognition Therapy and Matrix provided at this prison. Apart from this, counseling also includes groups for prisoners who relapse and

Motivation programs: There is also a special program for prisoners who have re-entered as inmates. In addition to these counseling programs, the female felons are also involved in active parenting and family violence counseling programs within the facility.

Recreation: The Whitworth Women's Facility has a General Recreation program for all of its female offenders.

Religious Activities: The Whitworth Women's Facility offers many worship services and Bible studies to female inmates.

Vocational/OJT: Apart from the above-mentioned programs, the facility has a few vocational or OJT programs. These include cooking as an apprentice and preparing the food, helping with kitchen work, maintaining custody building, and grounds; being a baker or taking care of laundry.

Besides the general and vocational programs, the Whitworth Women's Facility also offers work assignments at three different counties namely Hart, Elbert, & Madison. It also gives work assignments to prisoners in Elberton, Lavonia, and Royston. Apart from these, the facility also gives work assignments to female felons at the Department of Transportation and the Department of Natural Resources.

Whitworth Women's Facility Georgia Visiting Hours

Visitors can meet prisoners between 9 AM to 3 PM. However, they need to abide by the visitation rules.

Whitworth Women's Facility Georgia
Whitworth Women's Facility Georgia Mail and Visitation Rules

A person can mail to this facility at P.O. Box 769, 414 Valley Hart Road, Hartwell, GA 30643. Also, the visitors can visit the inmates on alternate days, with exceptions on weekends and state holidays. Prisoners with first names starting between M and Z can be visited on Saturday. Similarly, female offenders with the first name between A and L can be visited on Sundays. Lastly, the facility remains closed for visitation on State holidays.

Whitworth Women's Facility Georgia Inmate Locator

Anyone who wishes to know whether a particular female prisoner has been housed in Georgia can search through the inmate locator. The locator makes use of the first name, last name, and the state of the prisoner. The search party can get information related to female prisoners housed within the Whitworth Women's Facility. The information will include details like name, age, offense, hidden email addresses, and many more details.

This information has helped to complete background checks before hiring a prisoner and safeguard people from dating highly offensive people by providing all the information to the viewers. On the other hand, the information provided by the inmate locator can also help to track a lost relative. It can even help buyers learn about vehicle history and owner information before buying a second-hand vehicle.

The locator can provide arrest, country, police, birth, court, and divorce records. It can even provide information pertaining to the assets of a prisoner. Moreover, the website works with data provided by which houses federal data of more than 6 billion people, as well as federal and state records. Therefore, the inmate locator is a very useful too for people looking to date, find personal information or make hiring decisions once a prisoner is released.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on July 1, 2022
Sensitive Information!