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Wildwood Pretrial Facility Profile and Valuable Information

Wildwood Pretrial Facility history

The Wildwood Pretrial facility was set up to house medium level, pretrial inmates. The facility has the capacity to accommodate around 115 inmates at a time. The idea behind the facility is to provide a facility which allows for introspection as well as skill development, so inmates can leave in a better state than when they arrived. Imparting education, vocational training along with recreational activity provides for the wholesome development of inmates.

Wildwood Pretrial Facility phone number

+1 (907) 260-7200

Wildwood Pretrial Facility address

The Wildwood Pretrial facility is located in the Wildwood Correctional Facility. There are three different types of the correctional facility in the area, each catering to a different section of inmates.

Wildwood Correctional Complex

5 Chugach Avenue

Kenai, AK 99611

Wildwood Pretrial Facility
Wildwood Pretrial Facility inmate programs

The Wildwood Pretrial facility provides various study and vocational opportunities for the inmates. The idea behind the programs is to enable productive use of time inside the facility and rehabilitation of the inmates for better re-assimilation into society.

The Wildwood Pretrial Facility is an official General Educational Development (GED) center, with diploma level study opportunity for its inmates. Inmates completing GED are also invited for a graduation ceremony at the end of the year. Other vocational programs include workshops in skills such as:

Anger Management, Computer Keyboarding, Adult Basic Education (ABE), Computer application, Reading and writing, Women Life Skills, Stress Management, Resume Writing, Math, Greeting Card Designing, etc. The Facility provides various other study options and any inmates requiring further options can write to the Education Coordinator of the facility.

Wildwood Pretrial Facility visiting hours

The Wildwood Pretrial Facility has specified visiting hours for visitors to visit inmates. The visiting hours at the facility are categorized on the basis of weekdays or weekends and different time slots are provided for each. Visitors need to register beforehand with the Facility in-Charge officer and fix up their visiting time slot.

Time slots for : Weekdays at Slot 1- 9 AM - 10 AM, Slot 2- 10 AM - 11 AM, Slot 3- 7 PM - 8 PM, and Slot 4- 8 PM - 9 PM (visitors are allowed about one hour of meeting time in duration)

Weekends and Holidays Slot 1- 9 AM - 10 AM, Slot 2- 10 AM - 11 AM, Slot 3- 2 PM - 3 PM, Slot 4- 3 PM - 4 PM, Slot 5- 7 PM - 8 PM, Slot 6- 8 PM - 9 PM.

Wildwood Pretrial Facility Alaska
Wildwood Pretrial Facility mail and visitation rules

In order to mail to an inmate inside the facility, visitors need to write the inmate name along with inmate unique ID and address it to the facility. The address of the facility is provided below:

Inmate Name, ID Number

​Wildwood Pre-Trial Facility

5 Chugach Avenue

Kenai, Alaska 99611

For visitors looking to visit the facility in order to meet with any family member or friend, it requires an appointment and booking of visiting slot prior to arrival. It is best to call up the facility to be aware of any changes in the visiting rules. Visitors once booked for slots, have to undergo a frisking and body check to ensure no illegal items get inside the premises and no contraband of any kind makes it inside the premises.

Wildwood Pretrial Facility inmate locator

If any individual requires to access and verify the details of an inmate, they can do so from the comfort of their homes. individuals can visit the website GoLookup and search for inmate details of any inmate, all they require is inmate name and ID number if they have it. Otherwise, based upon inmate names, they can look up details and download a printable version of the inmate records

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on July 2, 2022
Sensitive Information!