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Winfield Correctional Facility Profile and Valuable Information

The Winfield Correctional Facility is situated at Cowley, Kansas and it is a minimal security prison that has almost 550 adult men. The Winfield Correctional Facility has plenty of programs that help in preparing an inmate for release to society. The programs for the same include vocational courses through Aramark and educational courses which help the inmate to earn a GED. An inmate also has the option of working in community service for surrounding areas.

Winfield Correctional Facilities

The Correctional Facility can be located at 186 Pinecrest Circle in Winfield, Kansas. The inmates are placed as per the seriousness of their crimes. This can be classified according to their criminal history in the past and the sentence given to them. As mentioned earlier, the inmates have plenty of opportunities to change their earlier patterns and occupy themselves.

Winfield Correctional Facility

The Facility provides inmates with opportunities to further their education and also offers good vocational training programs for inmates. These programs can be helpful in providing the inmate with ample opportunities to improve themselves and be better people when they reform themselves with society. The Winfield Correctional Facility takes great care in leaving an inmate in better shape when they are released. The major mission is to promote and prepare the inmate to integrate them into society with ease.

In 2013, the Winfield Correctional Facility had a capacity of 554 and was a minimum-security prison. It is a low-security prison within the Kansas Department of Corrections and is comprised of secured dorms that provide housing for 50 inmates each. The dorms all consist of a group toilet and a shower area along with the sinks. An inmate sleeps on the double bunk bed that resembles a military-style bed.

The inmates are also provided with an adjacent metal locker for their garments and shoes. The dormitory is securely locked every evening and an officer provides supervision of the inmates and their sleeping areas. Inmates that reside here are at lower risk than those in other facilities and have been noted to have a willingness to comply with all the rules and regulations at the facility.

The prison has a double fence perimeter with armed roving patrols. It should be noted that there is lesser supervision and controlling the internal movement of inmates when you compare it with a close security prison. A few low-security prisoners are required to work outside the prison under the close supervision of the armed guards.

Relatives of inmates can visit on any day of the week but are required to follow the protocols that have been kept in place for the same. The facility is open for visitors from 8.00 am to 9.00 pm from Mondays through Fridays and from 8.00 am to 3.00 pm during the weekends during the holidays.

Winfield Correctional Facility Kansas

Winfield Correctional Facility Visitation

Relatives and friends of inmates can also look up the prisoner and be kept updated regarding their progress through the online search directly called which provides the inmates' families and friends with information regarding them. Families can also contact the prison through the telephone number: (620)-221-6660.


Inmates’ families must also take care to ensure that they do not carry a cell phone into the room. Visitors will be searched before being let in. Also, take care to ensure that you do not carry personal belongings along with you. Inmates who are under parole, probation or other such community corrections or supervision must take care to secure the permission of the concerned before the same.

Such visits are not approved unless a requirement arises for the same. The Winfield Correctional Facility is a center that provides inmates with minor offenses with opportunities to occupy themselves and correct their behavior over time.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on June 29, 2022
Sensitive Information!