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Wyoming Medium Correctional Profile and Valuable Information

The Wyoming Medium Correctional Institution (WMCI) is a prison center where only male culprits serve their sentences. The place is for convicts who are not granted the death penalty by the court of law. It can hold up to 720 inmates. The builder of WMCI has equipped a vigilant surveillance system to observe the activities of residents. There is a mixed/medium security structure for preventing mishaps and outside violence.

History of the Wyoming Medium Correctional Institution:

DLR Group designed the WMCI project, and The Lynton Construction Company executed the plan. Initially, 20 prisoners were transferred to WMCI from Wyoming Honor Conservation Camp located in Newcastle. Before moving the prisoners into the WMCI, trainers assisted them in preparing for being house inmates.

Wyoming Medium Correctional

The WMCI was officially inaugurated on 6th January 2010. On 13th January 2010, 75 convicts rolled into it from the Wyoming State Penitentiary. A total of 127 more prisoners came in between the days from 17th January to 20th January. A profusion of other prisoners arrived at the WMCI in the following days, and the total number reached to 300. The figure soared up when other detainees came to the WMCI from Virginia Correctional Institution in a few days.

The WMCI phone number:

+1 307-532-6600, +1 307-532-3198

The WMCI address:

7076 Road 55F

 Torrington, WY 82240

Wyoming Medium Correctional inmate programs:

The WMCI facilities various programs for the benefit of inmates. It provides training and probation to maintain public safety. The administrators are conducting specific functions to rehabilitate the prisoners and direct them towards a law-abiding lifestyle. There have been continuous efforts to build a community and wholesome human relationships within the occupants.

Wyoming Medium Correctional visiting hours:

The visiting hours to Wyoming Medium Correctional Institution has not been disclosed to the public. To know the correct information regarding visiting hours, you have to contact the administrator through phone or email.

Wyoming Medium Correctional mail and visitation rule:

The official mail id of the WMCI is As per the guidelines set by the WMCI’s officials, if anyone wants to visit an inmate, he or she has to apply a visitation schedule 24 hours before the visitation. On the scheduled day, the visitor should be presented at the office a minimum of 15 minutes before the fixed timing. Besides these, one has to be on the approved visitors’ list of the particular jailbird to access a visitation schedule. The person has to be more than 16 years of age and must have the updated government ID. If he or she has any criminal case on his name, the visitation will be void.

Wyoming Medium Correctional history

Wyoming Medium Correctional inmate locator:

Before applying a visitation schedule, the visitor has to make sure which exact convict he or she is looking for. The WMCI has made available the database of all its residents on the internet. The applicant can locate the particular inmate with whom he or she wants to meet through If you are the visitor, open this link. As soon as you open this link, provide the first name and last name in the respective place. Select the native state of the jailbird and click on the “Search" button. This is how simple it works to locate an inmate of the WMCI.

Some more data about the WMCI:

The builder of the WMCI had the aim to establish a more friendly and home-like atmosphere for prisoners. There are specific rules and regulations set in the WMCI. All prisoners have to follow every rule until the end of their serving period. Family, friends, or relatives of an inmate who wants to visit should take a close look at all the specific rules and regulations.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on June 29, 2022
Sensitive Information!