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Wyoming Women's Center Profile and Valuable Information

Wyoming Women's Center History

The Wyoming women’s center was established in 1977 and initially located at the Wyoming State Hospital grounds. A permanent facility was constructed in Lusk and the center moved to the new location by 1981. The facility initially had a capacity of 82 beds. Later the infrastructure was expanded to house 261 inmates and an additional 32 beds in the intensive treatment center. As of today, the prison has a total area of about 140,000 square feet. Additionally vocational and education space was also constructed.

Wyoming Women's Center Mission, Vision and Core Values:

The Wyoming Department of Correction while actively exercising the stern management of inmates, has also provided offenders opportunities to enable them to become law-abiding citizens.

The Wyoming Department of Correction envisions to become a correctional institution that epitomizes the following:

constructive and healthy interventions of the at-risk populations:

  • A thorough needs and risk assessment program
  • Offender/community supervision and mentoring
  • Counseling services to offenders, victims, and inmates
  • A collaborative re-integration program that helps inmates ease back into society
Wyoming Women's Center

Wyoming Women's Center Core values:

  • The institution stresses on strong human relationships principled on ethics and integrity.
  • Helping, training and counseling inmates to live as law-abiding citizens on their release, thereby reducing the risk of an offense repeat
  • The institution creates partnerships in society in order to educate communities to receive and integrate offenders and victims, thus welcoming back inmates into society with open arms
  • Wyoming Department of Corrections is in a constant endeavor to strengthen, train, recognize and retain staff to give their optimum while raising the bar and setting benchmarks to follow.

Wyoming Women's Center Inmate Programs:

Addicted Offender Accountability Act (AOAA): The AOAA program requires an offender charged with substance abuse or Driving Under the Influence to be subject to an assessment. On assessing the current status of the individual, the case is presented in court with recommendations from the program on what the next step should likely be. In most cases, the Addicted Offender Accountability Act recommends treatment and therapy for substance abuse. The AOAA assessment use the following criterion to assess an individual

  1. The Addiction Severity Index (ASI)
  2. The American Society of Addiction Medicine will decide on the treatment route that needs to be executed
  3. Other appropriate screening tools as deemed necessary by the AOAA
  4. An assessment of the mental health and medical needs of the offender
  5. The assessor is responsible to inform of the laws involved to the offender.

Educational Program: The Wyoming Department of Corrections have realized how education can become an important factor in transforming an individual. In line with this thought, the Wyoming Department of Corrections has introduced a number of educational programs that will benefit the inmates greatly.

Adult Basic Education (ABE) and General Equivalency Diploma (GED): The GED is an important certificate that society requires as an elementary qualification to get a job. Therefore the program helps inmates prepare for the GED test and due assistance is provided to successfully complete and acquire the certificate.

Vocational Education Programs: Vocational Education is provided by the Wyoming Department of Corrections with the intention of training inmates to acquire jobs in the free world on release. This program collaborates with the industries program to enable inmates to practice their trade well before their discharge dates. Thus by the time they are out of prison, they are confident enough to start work as soon as they get employed.

Wyoming Women's Center history

Wyoming Women's Center Contact Details:

Physical Address:

Wyoming Women’s Center (WWC)

1000 West Griffith/ P.O Box 300

Lusk, WY 82225

Telephone: 307-334-3693


Wyoming Women's Center Inmate Search:

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on June 28, 2022
Sensitive Information!