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York Correctional Institution Profile and Valuable Information

The York Correctional Institution is a prison for women offenders with a high-security status. It is located in the city of Niantic in the county of New London, Connecticut. It is a state-run facility, managed by the Connecticut Department of Corrections, under the purview of the Department of Justice. Presently, it is the only state-managed prison for the incarceration of women in the State of Connecticut.

The facility operates with those women that are awaiting trial as well as those accused, who have been sentenced. It deals with female defendants classified under any security level. As of January 2020, the prison had approximately 800 prisoners ( The present staff number is at 544 staff members. The history of this institution goes way back to 1918 when it began functioning as a farming and reformation unit for women. It came to be called the Niantic Correctional Institution in 1930, with the addition of more women residents. This took place because women from the Wethersfield State Prison were sent to be admitted to the Niantic facility. At that time, it was the only one-of-a-kind women's prison in the State of Connecticut.

York Correctional Institution
In 1988, dormitories were constructed and more beds were added to the correctional institution. As it is known today, the York Correctional Institution was officially inaugurated in October of 1994. It is named so, in order to pay tribute to Janet S. York, a former warden. Janet York serves as an inspiration to women and has led a full life before her death at age 98 in 2019. Her photograph still hangs on the wall at the correctional institution that has her name on it. York served as a World War II veteran in North Africa and Italy before she embarked on a career in U.S. corrections. She not only served as Warden of the Niantic Correctional Institution from 1960 to 1975 but also as Deputy Commissioner of Women's Services (representing the State Council of Corrections) from 1969 to 1977.

Along with her correctional responsibilities, York traveled all over the United States of America getting prisons accredited. This facility stands on 425 acres of land. Additions, in terms of units of cells, have been periodically undertaken to provide more accommodation. The National Commission on Correctional Health Care named the facility "Facility of the Year" in 2008, primarily because it proved outstanding in the provision and welfare of care. In 2011, the Niantic Annex (an adjunct prison with 225 inmates) fell under the direction of the York Correctional Institution. The purpose of this move was to ensure that surrounding inmate and employee populations would get assistance, to facilitate the re-entry of prisoners back into society and life outside incarceration.

Nonetheless, this was a short-lived measure as the Niantic Annex was shut down owing to a steady, but significant, decline in the population of inmates. February 2016, saw the origin of the Charlene Perkins Reentry Center building, created for programs to aid the successful return of female inmates to the community.

York Correctional Institution Programs

The facility has a large amount of intervention-based programs with positive and effective goals. The institution has an on-site drug treatment facility and a hospice program that prepares inmate volunteers to care for other inmates with terminal health conditions. There are programs that teach women how to sew, as well as parenting programs for mothers and mothers-to-be.

Some inmates are enrolled in programs that care for abused domestic animals and run a shelter of sorts. The institution has received international acclaim for its in-house restorative programs, courses and the positive attitude these instill in female offenders.

York Correctional Institution Connecticut
The following are important details and information regarding the facility:

  • Address: York Correctional Institution, 201 West Main Street, Niantic, CT 06357
  • Phone: (860) 451-3001
  • Mailing address: This is the same as the street address mentioned above, but you have to put the name and ID of the inmate before the address.
  • Warden: The warden is Sharonda Carlos, assisted by three deputies.
  • Visitation: No social visits are allowed on Tuesdays, till further notice. Visits take place on all other days according to a comprehensive schedule available at (you can click on the link "York CI")
  • Inmate Search: You can search for an inmate on or at

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on July 2, 2022
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