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Progressive Insurance Company: What You Need to Know!

by Keren P.

Insurance Company, Progressive Insurance Company

What is Progressive Insurance Company? Progressive Company Review

The progressive corporation is one of the most prominent insurance providers in the United States. In addition to cars, it also ensures motorcycles, boats, RVs, and other commercial vehicles. It also has select companies that can offer home insurance. In recent years it has also expanded internationally by offering car insurance policies in Australia.

This company has always lived up to its name as still being one step ahead of the entire insurance industry. It is always finding affordable and new insurance solutions. It first began in 1937 with the first drive in claims drive in office. It became the first ever to introduce reduced rates for drivers that are low risk and also changed the entire experience of insurance shopping by providing comparative rates on the internet.

This company is continuously striving to find a better way to serve you with your very own personalized Snapshot program along with a name your price car insurance shopping option. 

History of Progressive

On the 10th of March 1937, Jack Green and Joseph Lewis started the Progressive Mutual Insurance Company. They wanted to give their users and other vehicle owners the security and protection. This is why they decided that an insurance company would be a good investment for a few lawyers that were just starting their journey.

Insurance Company
Since the very beginning, Progressive has always approached auto insurance in a very innovative way. They offered drive-in claim services before any other insurance provider. Another insurance company first was that they allowed their customers to pay the premium in installments. This made them very popular among those who were not able to afford to pay the annual amount. They wanted to ensure that their services were accessible as well as easy to use so that they can protect more vehicles in the long run.

After the formation of The Progressive Corporation in the 1960s, there has been a lot of growth and expansion of the company. Its steady growth has been steady over the years, and it has grown to be one of the five most significant providers of auto insurance in the United States.

Core values of Progressive

Progressives core vision is to reduce the trauma and economic costs that are associated with automobile accidents. They aim to provide their customers with services that are specially designed to helping them get their lives back in order as quickly as possible after an accident. Some of the core values associated with progressive are


The revere honesty and adhere to very high ethical standards that allow them to provide timely, accurate, as well as extensive financial reporting, they also encourage you to disclose and bad news as well as any welcome disagreements.

They value the differences between them and how they want to be dealt with. This allows them to understand others as well as themselves.

Progressive Insurance Company


They always strive to communicate their goals as well as other peoples and team objectives. They also evaluate performance against all of the other objectives.


They continuously work hard to improve themselves to meet and exceed the high expectations of their customers, shareholders, people, and agents. They train their employees to continually improve their performance and reduce the costs of what they do for their customers. The customers' reviews on the employees are what rewards and promotions are based on. This ensures that the employees are working hard to give their clients the best possible outcomes.

As they are consistently a step ahead of their competition, Progressive offers their customers services and products that they want when they need them. It is their deep philosophy that allows them to one of the largest auto insurance groups in the country.


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