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Public Info Services Review: Website Review, Pricing, Features and Opt Out Information

by Goni S.

Public Info Services Review, Review Website Review, Pricing, Features and Opt Out Information

If you thought that Google could never be dethroned in terms of data, you could have a good surprise with Public Info Services. When looking for valuable and accurate official information, you'll have to rely on official national public records directly from National, State and Municipal databases that you cannot access that easily. On the one hand, most information on the internet is limited and does not come from a trusted source. On the other hand, searching for trustworthy information can take ages and cost you a lot of time. This is why some companies such as Public Info Services offer us the opportunity to look through official databases to find accurate and up-to-date information.

The recent proliferation of this type of service gives rise to new questions, such as, are these services really authentic as well? What kind of information can I really find? How much should I pay for these services? How can I use these services in my personal and professional life? We'll here review, describe its various features and explain to you everything you need to know about Public Info Services.

Public Info Services Costs offers Trial Memberships and Standard Memberships that allow you to perform unlimited public record searches. The current costs are as follows:

  • 7-Day Trial Membership (Monthly Subscription) - $1.00 or $2.00 trial fee followed by a monthly subscription of $29.94
  • 7-Day Trial Limited Membership (Limited Monthly Subscription) - $1.00 or $2.00 trial fee followed by a monthly subscription of $19.94
  • 30-Day Membership - You will have full access to the service for 30 days for $12.94
  • 7-Day Membership - $2.99 one time payment
  • Unlimited Quarterly Membership: $49.85
  • Single Report Account - Access to a single report, price depending on the report

Please note that memberships will be renewed every month until cancellation.

public info services

What are Features? was founded with the mission to provide members an easy, fast and affordable way to find and learn the truth about each other. With Public Info Services, you can access to millions of consumer records containing over a billion pieces of accurate information while offering the following features:

  • Contact Info - Simply enter a name and state to start your search, you will be able to find old friend, long-lost family member, reconnect with a former classmate or military buddy, research someone before going on a first date, etc. You can get information such as residential history, phone numbers, email addresses, etc.
  • Financial History - Get any information about bankruptcies, judgments, liens, or UCC filings. It will help you to prove if a business is creditworthy and to know about the credibility of a business.
  • Legal Data - Lookup into warrants and arrests that record individuals arrested and booked by all law enforcement agencies, sentenced to jail time, released, on pending charges, as well as active warrants.  
  • Lifestyle Data - Get career details about the person you're searching for.
  • Permits & Licenses - This helps you to have information on professional and legal permits and licenses such as business and home building permits, land use permits, parking permits, etc. including full details.
  • Nationwide Sex Offender - Access the nationwide database of Registered Sex Offenders and set up monitoring alerts in case a new Sex Offender has registered within any of your monitoring areas. App

Public Info Services does not have a dedicated application for mobile devices, but their website does have a mobile version, so it is very simple to use the site straight from your phone and access reports on the go. App

Where is How Can I Contact

USSearch is located in Goleta, California. The company was founded in 2017. If you want to contact Public Info Services, you can do so in one of the following ways:

  • Phone call (800) 617-3169, (800) 920-1849, (800) 718-4610 or (800) 618-8308, Monday-Friday, 5:00 AM to 9:00 PT.
  • People Connect address - 7127 Hollister Avenue, Suite 25 A-314 Goleta, CA 93117, USA
  • Email Public Info Services's customer service by filling the contact form here.

Is Anonymous? Does Notify the Person? 

When you search information on Public Info Services you can be sure that your search is anonymous and private. The people you look up will never be notified that you reviewed their public information so your search is absolutely private, secure and anonymous.

How to Cancel

You can cancel your subscription by making a call to the support team at 1-800-617-3169 Monday-Friday, 5:00 AM to 9:00 PT or log-in to visit your Member Account page online.

How to Cancel

Is Legit?

Public Info Services is a website saying to provide an important amount of accurate information coming from official sources. Still, are all the information accurate and trustworthy? How can you find out if the service if legitimate or a scam? has various positive highlights such as many positive reviews describing the website as useful and up to date, as well as an important amount of traffic received by the website, rated Popular by Alexa. There's also a valid SSL Certificate meaning that the communication between your computer and the website is secured. Moreover, it is accredited by the BBB (Better Business Bureau).

The bottom line is that Public Info Services is a trustworthy website offering great service to reach public information, updated and from official sources. Still, the service is limited to some information, as you cannot get information concerning social media, background check with an email address or phone number or reverse phone service. still provides accurate information that will help you in a variety of ways.

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