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Best Public Records Websites in 2020

Learn About the Best Way to Search into Public Records for Free in your State for 2020!

Public records consist of information or documents made by a government agency or officer. It has been filed and/or recorded by the federal and local governments. If public records are kept in physical files, most of the records are also available online. These records are various: vital records such as birth and death certificates, immigration records, real estate records, driving records, criminal records, marriage and divorce, financial records, property records, vehicle owner records, weapons permits, mugshots, court records, judgments, bankruptcies, etc.

They are made public by the law, meaning that every person has the right to obtain public records. Still, each state has its own rules, and, as an example, in California, except for certain exceptions personal information cannot be displayed without the concerned person's consent. Set your mind at rest, most of them are totally public and accessible according to the Freedom of Information Act.

2020 Public Records Check

It can be quite arduous to find public records because each state holds its own public records and most of the time a research fee applies to your search. Lately, many public record companies have compiled all data and update it continuously so that you can have real-time information at the click of a mouse. This includes subscribing most of the time. If it's not easy to find public records for free, some categories of records can be found depending on your state. We'll here help you to search into public records for free, depending on your state!

Alabama 2020 Public Records

The policy of the state of Alabama is to grant every resident the right to access the state public records, according to the law. In order to protect the inhabitants of Alabama, the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency publishes a sex offender registry which is regularly updated.

For information such as active inmate search, criminal and court records or property search, you may search on the concerned county official website.

Alabama 2020 public records

Alaska 2020 Public Records

The Alaska Public Records Act ensures that all public records are available to the public, meaning you totally have the right to review and obtain all public records. Alaska protects the inhabitants by providing access to a sex offender registry. The Department of Public Safety publishes a map that will enable you locating sex offenders in Alaska. Enter the address or area you want to check and you'll get accurate results with portraits of the sex offenders as well as their backgrounds.

The Alaska Court System also enables you to search into the Appellate Court Cases and Trial Court Cases by case number, party name or attorney name. 

Arizona 2020 Public Records

The Arizona Public Records Law makes all public records open to the public. Among Public Records, the Arizona Department of Public Safety is in charge of maintaining a sex offender website in order to verify sex offenders in Arizona.

You also have the opportunity to screen civil court cases, criminal court cases, family court cases or probate court cases on the Judicial Branch of Arizona specific county's website. As an example, for Maricopa County, you'll find all information here.

Arkansas 2020 Public Records

You may access public court records of Arkansas on the official court website here. Simply search by name, business name, case type, date, etc.

You also have the opportunity to look into the sex offender registry on the official Arkansas Crime Information Center. By entering an address, you'll have a map locating all sex offenders, classified by risk level.

Arkansas 2020 public records

California 2020 Public Records

In order to protect the community, the Department of Justice of the State of California has the mission to provide accurate and timely information concerning sex offenders. California was the first state to enact a sex offender registration. Intuitive and easy to use, a map will locate all sex offenders of California on the official website. For Court Records, find your local court here and then search for any court and criminal record.

Colorado 2020 Public Records

The Colorado Open Records Act specifies that all government information and records are open to the public. What can you find on the web for free? You can have access to the sex offender registry of the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. You can search either do a map search or a regular search.

All other public records search may be available online but for a fee.

Connecticut 2020 Public Records

Connecticut is quite connected, thus, you can find a good amount of information online. First, if you reach the Appellate/Supreme court website you can run a Case Look-up, or a Superior Court Case Look-up, either by name, docket number, party name, attorney, or trial court. You can look into Criminal/Motor Vehicle Case Look-up and Housing Case Look-up. The state of Connecticut also keeps public a sex offender registry in order to protect the youngest and most vulnerable citizens. Start your search here. The Department of Correction of Connecticut also publishes inmate information, make your Offender Information Search here.

Delaware 2020 Public Records

The Delaware Freedom of Information Act ensures all Delawareans have the right to access government information and public records. You can easily look up into the sex offender registry, on the official website, look into Courts Judicial Cases through Delaware State CourtConnect here.

Florida 2020 Public Records

In Florida, a few categories of records can be available online for free. For example, you can look up into the Inmate Population Information List, which includes details about the inmate location, offenses, personal information, and mugshot. There is also an Inmate Release Information List, including the same details as well as a release date, and Absconder/Fugitive Information List, all of these lists can be found on the Florida Department of Corrections website. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement also enables anyone to run a Sexual Offenders and Predators search. You may also run a search into the Supreme Court Online Docket. Information may be limited.

Georgia 2020 Public Records

There are few public records you'll be able to find for free in the state of Georgia. First, you can search for Property Records: select the county here, and then follow the step to search into Property Records. The Georgia Department of Corrections also enables you to search for an offender in Georgia, search by name or description, you'll get results with offender name, major offense(s), current institution, personal details, and mugshot, as well as incarceration details. You can look into the Sex Offender Registry of the state of Georgia here.

Hawaii 2020 public records

Hawaii 2020 Public Records

In the state of Hawaii, you can search into the Sex Offender & Other Covered Offender records of Hawaii, it will give you details such as identifying information, addresses, license type, vehicle information, and offenses. Moreover, you can run a search into Property Records on the Real Property Tax Office of Hawaii.

Idaho 2020 Public Records
In the state of Idaho, you can easily search into court records thanks to the iCourt Portal online records. Run a smart search by simply entering a name or a record number. The Idaho State Police also provides a list of Violent Sexual Predators, a list of Non-Compliant Offenders, as well as a list of Quarterly Non-Compliant Offenders. Other public records are available for a fee.
Illinois 2020 Public Records

You can look into the public records of Illinois by following this link, then select the county where you want to run a search, you will have the opportunity to select the Recorder of Deeds, the Assessor, the Treasurer, etc. Depending on the state and type of search, you'll find more or less complete information. Here, an example of a Property Search in the county of Massac. Search into the Sex Offender Registry of Illinois here

Indiana 2020 Public Records

 In the state of Indiana, you can: 
- Search for sex offenders in your area or in any of the state by following this link.
- search into trial & appellate court cases.

- search into the child abuse registry.
- search into protective orders and no-contact orders.
- search into guardianship registry.

Iowa 2020 Public Records

Iowa residents have the right to look into public records. Here are records you can get without a fee: 
- run a search into Iowa Sex Offender Registry.

- Search for a case with the Iowa Courts online search.
- search for offender information through the Iowa Department of Corrections.

Kansas 2020 Public Records

Through the Kansas Bureau of Investigation, you can look for different types of offenders: sex offenders, violent offenders, drug offenders or all of them, either by name, by geographical search or phone number/online identity.

Kansas 2020 public records

Kentucky 2020 Public Records

In the state of Kentucky, you can reach the following information online for free:

- Kentucky Offender Search: you can search with only a name and a list of offenders will appear with conviction information, identity details, sentence, mugshot, etc.
- Sex Offender Registry: the Kentucky State Police publishes and updates a sex offender registry in order to protect the population.
- Public Court Records: you can perform a search of all types of case, civil, criminal or attached to the drug court, by selecting a county of statewide. You have the possibility to search by case, by party/business or by citation.

Louisiana 2020 Public Records

 In the state of Louisiana, the following official information is available for free:
- sex offender and child predator registry of Louisiana.

Maine 2020 Public Records

The state of Maine makes the following public records available online without a fee:
 - County Registries of Deeds: follow this link, select the relevant county and run your search entering a name, an address, a book & page, a year & instrument number or entry date.
- Maine Sex Offender Registry: search by individual, location, or area.

Maryland 2020 Public Records

 Concerning the state of Maine, the following information is accessible for free: 
- Case search through the Maryland courts.
- Sex offenders of Maryland through the Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services. Search by address, county, zip code, name or higher education.
- Maryland Inmate locator. Search simply with a name!

Maryland 2020 public records

Massachusetts 2020 Public Records

The state of Massachusetts offers the opportunity to screen into the following public records online, without a fee:
- Trial Court cases: select between BMC, district court, housing court, land court department, probate, and family court, the Superior Court and then select a court division, enter a first and last name and let the results appear. 
- Sex Offender Registry Board Public Website: a website recording all sex offenders.

- Land records of Massachusetts: select your county, enter a name and access the relevant results.

Michigan 2020 Public Records

In the state of Michigan, you'll find the following public records for free:

- Michigan Public Sex Offender Registry here: search by name, city, address, or area.

- Case records from either the Supreme Court or the Court of Appeals here: search by docket number, party name or attorney.

- Criminal records through the Michigan State Police official website: you'll have to indicate the reason of your search (employment, housing, licensing, student, volunteer, other...) and a first and last name, as well as a date of birth. Meaning that without these details, you'll not be able to perform a criminal background check.

- Offender search in Michigan: simply enter the last name or whatever information you possess! You'll get a full list of details such as personal details, prison/probation sentences, mugshot and inmate information.

Minnesota 2020 Public Records

Find all this information for free in the state of Minnesota: 
- Offender locator in Minnesota: get demographic information, current offense information, etc.
- Predatory Offender Search: search by city, county, name or zip code any predatory offender and get a full set of information concerning their identity, mugshot, offenses, etc.
- Public Court Records: criminal, traffic, petty case records or civil, family & probate case records, as well as judgments search are accessible through Minnesota Trial Court Public Access. 
- Minnesota Appellate Courts Case Search: search by name or case.
- Public Criminal History: you can look for public criminal records, note that first name, last name and birth date are mandatory!

Minnesota 2020 public records

Mississippi 2020 Public Records
The state of Mississippi publishes the following information for free: 
- Inmate search in Mississippi: search with only a name and get a full list of details such as identity, sentence, offense, mugshot, etc.
- Sex offender registry of Mississippi: search by name or run a geographical search, you can also subscribe for community notifications and be notified about incidents or events about a registered sex offender.

Missouri 2020 Public Records

The state of Missouri provides these services for free: 
- Sex Offender Registry: You'll be able to see pictures and details of absconders, as well as search by name or on a map.
- Search for a case in the Court Public Records of Missouri: you can either choose a litigant name search, a filling date search, or a case number search, etc. You'll get a full set of information about the specific case you're looking for.
- Offender search: search simply with a first and last name or by doc ID.
Montana 2020 Public Records

 If you're looking for 2020 public records in the state of Montana, you'll find the following records for free:
- Offender search in Montana: search by name or I.D number and get a full list of information such as identity details, prison location, physical and demographic characteristics, aliases, recognizable marks, and legal records.
- Montana Supreme Court Docket Search: the Supreme Court of Montana offers the possibility to search into active dockets, closed dockets from 2006 to present, or closed dockets from 1979 to 2005. You'll just have to enter a party name, a case number or case attorney.
- Sexual of Violent Offender Registry of Montana: created by the Montana Department of Justice in 1989, this registry is made for Montanans to protect their families against sexual or violent offenders. It provides a full list of details as well as a map to locate offenders.

Montana public records 2020

Nebraska 2020 Public Records

A few public records are easily available for free in the state of Nebraska:
- Nebraska Sex Offender Registry: search by name, region or location.
- Inmate search in Nebraska: search with simply a name and get demographics, sentence information and offense information.
- Nebraska Deeds Records: select a county on the map and start your search.

Nevada 2020 Public Records

 The state of Nevada provides the following 2020 public records for free:
- Inmate search in Nevada: search by offender ID or name.
- Supreme Court of Nevada Case Search.
- Nevada Sex Offender Registry.

New Hampshire 2020 Public Records

 Here all 2020 public records in New Hampshire available without a fee:
- New Hampshire Registration of Criminal Offender: search by simply entering a name or any other information. This also includes sex offenders.
- New Hampshire Inmate Locator.

New Jersey 2020 Public Records

Find here all free public records in the state of New Jersey:
- Click here to search for sex offenders in the state of New Jersey.
- Court cases in the state of New Jersey.
- Inmate search in New Jersey.

New Mexico 2020 Public Records

 Access to a huge amount of information about public records in the state of New Mexico, without a fee:
- Sex offender registry: search for offenders in your area!
- Case Lookup in New Mexico: it gives access to the New Mexico Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, District Court, Magistrate Court, and Municipal Court data.
- Inmate Search in New Mexico: get information about identity, jail facility, current offenses, and past offenses.

New York 2020 Public Records

 In the state of New York, you can have access to the following public records for free:
- Sex Offender Registry of New York: you can search either by name, county or zip code.
- Inmate Population Information Search: locate an inmate in New York; you'll get sentence terms and release dates as well as crimes of conviction as well.

North Carolina 2020 Public Records

North Carolina provides these public records for free:
- Sex Offender Registry in North Carolina.
- Search offenders or active inmate with the North Carolina Department of Public Safety.

North Dakota 2020 Public Records
Public records are available for free in the state of North Dakota:
- Sex Offenders Registry: you can search into a list of offenders, search for high-risk/lifetime offenders only, map high-risk/lifetime offenders or delinquent offenders.
- Court Records in North Dakota: select the relevant county and the category (criminal & traffic, civil & family, judgments) and start your search!
- Search for an inmate in North Dakota by entering the last name, you'll get a result including mugshot, name, date of birth, estimated release date, and current facility.

Ohio 2020 Public Records

If you are looking for free public records in the state of Ohio, you might be interested by the following resources: 
- Offender search in Ohio: enter a complete address, a name or a city, an email address or even a phone number!
- Court records search in Ohio.

Oklahoma public records

Oklahoma 2020 Public Records

Reach the following public records for free in the state of Oklahoma:
- Court Records in Oklahoma: search in either all courts of Oklahoma or a specific one.
- Offender search in Oklahoma: the Oklahoma Department of Corrections.
- Sex & Violent Offender in Oklahoma.

Oregon 2020 Public Records

 Let us help you finding public records for free in the state of Oregon:
- Courts Records in Oregon: simply enter a name or any other detail!
- Inmate search for free in the state of Oregon: locate any inmate in the state of Oregon.
- Sex Offender Registry of the state of Oregon: you'll be able to research and locate any sex offender in the state of Oregon very easily!

Pennsylvania 2020 Public Records
In the state of Pennsylvania, you can reach the following public records for free:
- Sex offenders, Non-Compliant offenders, Violent Delinquent Children, Transient offenders in Pennsylvania: the search page allows you to search for offenders by county, municipality, city, zip code, mile radius, etc.
- Court case records in Pennsylvania.
- Financial records in Pennsylvania.
- Inmate or Parolee locator in Pennsylvania.

Rhode Island 2020 Public Records

 Looking for free records in Rhode Island? Have a look here:
- Sex offenders in Rhode Island.
- Court records search in Rhode Island through Rhode Island Judiciary Public Portal.
- Inmate search in Rhode Island

South Carolina 2020 Public Records

Follow these links to find public records in the state of South Carolina:
- Case Records Search in South Carolina: select a county and start to search!
- Inmate search in South Carolina: search for any incarcerated inmate.
- Sex offenders in South Carolina.

South Dakota 2020 Public Records

 In the state of South Dakota, the following public records are available:
- Court records related to civil money judgement - registration is mandatory.
- Offender Locator in South Dakota - a service provided by the South Dakota Department of Corrections.
- Sex Offender Registry in South Dakota.


Tennessee 2020 Public Records

Get a free access to the following public records in the state of Tennessee:
- Sex Offender Registry of Tennessee.
- Appellate Case search in Tennessee State Courts: search bu case number, case style, party name or business/organization.
- Tennessee Felony Offender: simply search with a name, Tomis ID or State ID.

Texas 2020 Public Records

 The state of Texas helps you finding public records for free through these websites:
- Offender Information Search in Texas: the Texas Department of Criminal Justice enables you to search for any offender information simply with a name.
- Texas Sex Offender Registry: search with an address, a name or an institute of higher education.

Utah 2020 Public Records

 If you are looking for public records for free in the state of Utah, here is what you can find:
- Offender Search in Utah: search by offender number or name (first and last name are required).
- Inmate Search in Utah: search by name, by arrested date, or search for all inmates currently tracked by the Sheriff's Office.
- Sex and Kidnap Offenders in Utah: search in a specific area, by name or city.

Vermont public records

Vermont 2020 Public Records

 Find public records for free in the state of Vermont:
- Offender and Inmate Locator in Vermont.
- Sex offender registry in the state of Vermont.

Virginia 2020 Public Records

In the state of Virginia, you'll find all these public records for free:
- Sex Offender and Crimes Against Minors Registry: search by zip code, address, name, county, city or school.
- Statewide Court Case Information in Virginia: search by name, case number or hearing date.
- Offender Locator in Virginia: simply enter a name or an offender I.D number.

Washington 2020 Public Records

 Yes! Some public records are available for free in Washington DC:
- Sex Offender Registry of Washington DC - a very intuitive and easy to search registry that will locate sex offenders in any area. You can also search with a name.
- Case Records in Washington - search for a person or for a case by case number, name, or business name.
- Inmate search in Washington - simply search with a name or a DOC number.

Washington public records

West Virginia 2020 Public Records

 In the state of West Virginia, you can access the following information for free:
- Sex Offender Registry of West Virginia - search with a name, street name, city or county.
- Offender search in West Virginia (including inmates) - search either for daily incarcerations, offenders in jail, offenders in prison, escapees and absconders.

Wisconsin 2020 Public Records

In the state of Wisconsin, you can reach the following information online for free:
- Sex Offender Registry of Wisconsin - a name search, a geographical search, as well as community notifications are available.
- Wisconsin Court Case search, either in the Wisconsin Circuit Court or Supreme Court.
- Offender Search in Wisconsin.

Wyoming 2020 Public Records

Here are a few public records that you can consult online for free:
- Wyoming Court Records search - simply search with a case number, issue or participant.
- Wyoming Offender Locator - search for any offenders in Wyoming through the Wyoming Department of Corrections.
- Sex Offender Search in Wyoming - easily find any sex offender in Wyoming through the Division of Criminal Investigation website.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 13, 2022
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