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How to Find Bankruptcy Records in Alabama?Bankruptcy records in Alabama can be accessed through three primary sources: PACER, VCIS, and private nonprofit websites. PACER is an electronic tool used by the US federal court system to record and maintain law cases. All cases from the US district courts, bankruptcy courts, and the court of appeals are recorded by PACER and accessible to the public. Anyone can register for PACER and access unlimited bankruptcy record files for nominal fees.
Another way to access public bankruptcy cases in Alabama is through VCIS (Voice Case Information System). Through VCIS, the public can gather limited information on bankruptcy case information from the court’s database through an automated voice response system. The service is free of cost. Contact information for VCIS Alabama is mentioned below:
  • Alabama Northern: (866) 222-8029, Press 8
  • Alabama Middle: (866) 222-8029, Press 36
  • Alabama Southern: (866) 222-8029, Press 45
The primary difference between PACER and VCIS is that the former will give you access to entire case reports apart from some sensitive information, whereas the latter will only provide a limited amount of information through phone calls.

Alabama Bankruptcy Records

Bankruptcy Cases in Alabama

Alabama has three bankruptcy district courts which have been mentioned above. Bankruptcy records are an important part of background information that many employers, creditors, and government agencies check up on before engaging in any kind of financial engagement with a third party. Alabama experienced the highest number of bankruptcy cases in 2019 in the US.

It had a per capita bankruptcy rate of 5.62%, which was double the national average. The total number of bankruptcy cases filed in Alabama in 2019 crossed 750,000. Therefore, checking for bankruptcy history is imminent if one is to get involved financially with a business or an individual.
How to Register for PACER

Registering for PACER requires one to follow these steps:
  • Select the type of PACER account you want
  • Users can register for two types of services: view cases, and e-filing
  • Provide correct personal information to register
  • For the purpose of case filing electronically, register for the e-filing service
  • Provide billing information, using a credit card gives you instant access
  • Use the free PACER training too to get familiarized with the searching process
Once you get the hang of how to use PACER to find bankruptcy records, you will be well equipped to use the tool and view every bankruptcy record in Alabama. It is rare for bankruptcy records to be sealed. However, one can access the sealed bankruptcy records by visiting the Alabama bankruptcy district court with a valid reason.

Bankruptcy Records Alabama

Cost of Using PACER to Access Alabama Public Bankruptcy Records

PACER is a fast and effective tool with various features such as accessing audio files, document images, etc. of bankruptcy case proceedings. All new bankruptcy cases filed are documented by PACER within 24 hours. Even though bankruptcy records are public, you accrue certain charges to access the PACER case locator.

Fees for different types of services availed by using PACER to access Alabama Bankruptcy public records are mentioned below:

Case Information


Audio files



$0.10/page image

Billing Duration


PACER dockets are capped at 30 pages, which means no cost will be accrued after $3 USD. Case files and records have no cap and cost may go beyond $3 USD. PACER can be used as an individual or by a firm with a single parent account. The bills are charged quarterly and payment will be postponed if the total amount is $30 or less.

There are some private organizations that make available public bankruptcy cases. One such website is Justia.com, that allows users to view bankruptcy cases, dockets, and filings in Alabama.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on July 2, 2022
Sensitive Information!