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What Is the Alabama Invasion of Privacy Law?

The Privacy Laws are in place to protect the right to privacy for all its citizens. The Breach of Privacy is considered to be a grave offense in the State of Alabama. Most people often do not know what entails as the Invasion of Privacy Laws in Alabama. Everyone should know about that so that they can protect themselves and their loved ones from any infringement of privacy either by any individual, group, or government body. Although all citizens of America have the right to privacy, each state has different policies and laws safeguarding that right. The government of Alabama is devoted to protecting and maintaining the privacy of all its people.

The Laws of Breach of Privacy in Alabama

The privacy laws include different sectors like internet activity, employment overview, etc. First, let us start the discussion with personal information. The government of Alabama protects all Personally Identifiable Information of all its people. This includes the individual’s- name, address, driver’s license number, social security number, date of birth, medical information, credit and debit card number, employment records, bank account numbers, home address, contact details, etc.

Invasion of Privacy Law Alabama
The mentioned information about any general individual cannot be legally stored or collected unless that is otherwise authorized. This information might be used by the government to conduct a survey, process legal documents, clear address issues or as proof of identity. No other third party can get access to this information, without following legal guidelines.

Legal Suspension of Privacy Laws

The personally identifiable information of any person cannot be passed on to a third party unless it is explicitly required by law. It is otherwise illegal to sell or distribute information to any third party beyond the terms detailed in the policy.

According to the Section 36-12-40 of Alabama 1975 statutes, all its citizens have the right to request a copy of public writing of the State of Alabama to inspect it. Only as long as access to it is not expressly forbidden according to the statutes. For instance, the general public cannot access information on juvenile court records, an ongoing criminal investigation, tax returns, probation reports, or financial statement.

Online Privacy Laws of Alabama

The statutes also protect the online right to privacy. Generally, the information that can be legally collected during online activity are the following:

  • The online domain name that is being used to access the website.
  • The time and date of the time that you accessed the site.
  • The internet address that was used to link the website.
  • The sections or pages of the website that you visited.
 Alabama Invasion of Privacy Law

The website has the legal authority to collect that information to improve the website’s usability and efficiency. Although seeking any personally identifiable information by using the IP address used is illegal in the State of Alabama.

The Alabama government itself uses various precautionary measures to safely store the personal details of every individual under its jurisdiction. These security features are placed to prevent malicious access and internal data persistence. The systems are housed in two hot/hot environment with two segregated AT&T centers. Some Disaster Recovery procedures are also there.

Some websites may store information in the form of ‘ cookies’. The cookies are small files that the websites save on the individual user’s work station. This can only be stored when you have agreed to the policy that the website collects cookies from your user activity history.

Sensitive Personally Identification Information

In the State of Alabama, there are strict policies in place that safeguard the Sensitive Personally Identification Information. It refers to sensitive and personal information like the health records of an individual; or the username along with password and security question with the answer.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 16, 2022
Sensitive Information!