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Judicial Records Alaska: How to Get Free Judicial Records in the State of Alaska?When it comes to obtaining judicial records in the state of Alaska, different exceptions are listed by the Act. Examples include records that are sealed like vital statistics, adoption proceedings, data about medical, juveniles and related public health records and data that could have an impact on the public and personal safety.

Understanding the court system in Alaska:

When it comes to the Alaska Court System, there are four levels in total:
  • At the initial level are the trial and district courts that handle inquests, domestic violence cases, small claims, and civil cases of value up to $100K, felony preliminary hearings, violations, offenses, and misdemeanors. In the case of rural areas without full-time district court judges, magistrates may take care of civil and criminal matters. Even, they assist the district court with day-to-day matters in the case of metro areas.
  • At the second level are the Superior Courts that take care of the hearing of guardianship, child abuse, juvenile, domestic relations, a civil and criminal felony.
  • At the third level is the court of appeals that reviews the decisions made by the trial courts and magistrates.
  • At the fourth level, which is the top-level, the Alaska Supreme Court will review the decisions taken by all the lower courts.
Alaska Judicial Records

Criminal records in Alaska:

In the state, Felony cases are taken care of by the Superior Courts, while the misdemeanor, basic hearings, and DUI/DWI are taken care of by the Magistrate and District Courts. Both the District and Superior Courts handle the Juvenile Cases. As you wish to gather judicial records in the state, you can get it from the Alaska Criminal Records database.
Vital Records:

As far as the vital records in the state are concerned, you can get them from the Bureau of Vital Statistics, Department of Health and Social Services. From this Bureau at Juneau, AK, you can gather birth records, death records, marriage records, and divorce records.

Marriage records are sealed in the state for 50 years and you cannot search them online. When it comes to death records, they are located online to search. But, you cannot search for birth records in the state. Only the parents and the person named in the certificate can get a copy of the birth record in Alaska.

How to conduct free searches?

As you wish to get Free Judicial Records in the State of Alaska, you can get free access to the criminal court records. You can look at the Court View Trial Court Index to get the state-wide criminal court records. Even, you can get it from Appellate court records, state-wide registered offenders, Supreme Court Case Filings and anchorage crimes.

Judicial Records Alaska

Third-party resources:

Even, you can find third-party services that offer free access to criminal records in the state. These third-party search engines will ask for the first name and the last name of the person, whose records you wish to get and the name of the person’s city. The criminal record will have the following details about the person:
  • Name of the person
  • Aliases names
  • Probation and probation orders
  • Charges
  • Convicted crimes
  • Warrant
  • Court orders
  • Criminal conviction records
  • Physical descriptors

As you wish to get court records in Alaska, you can conduct your search online to find a trustworthy website. Some records are open to attorneys and lawyers. So, you can also talk to them about your requirements to gather the court records of a person.

Even, they can guide you about the sources from which you can get the records after completely understanding the purpose for which you wish to get these records if they are genuine.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on June 29, 2022
Sensitive Information!