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How to Find Out Someone's Work History in Alaska

Alaska is one of the largest states in the United States of America. The state's population is 710,249 while the capital of Alaska, Juneau is the second-largest US state. The GDP of Alaska is $55 billion, which makes it rank 48th in the nation. The per capita income of Alaska is $73,000, making it rank 7th in the nation. 6.75 percent of Alaska's population are millionaires. 80% of Alaska's revenues come from petroleum trade and exportation of seafood.

When it comes to employment, most of the employees here are engaged in government services and natural resource industries. These days, the number of people employed in tourism is also growing through sightseeing, services offered to visitors and lodging.

The employers of Alaska seek to find the work history of their employees before hiring them. This can be done by requesting a background check on the employees before proceeding further along the hiring process.

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Who can get Work History in Alaska

According to Alaska's Statute released by the name AS 12.62.160, any person is entitled to receive information related to the criminal records of the person in Alaska, especially the employees. This law is created keeping in mind the rules for getting access to this information. It underlines the required procedures that employers must follow. This information is not available randomly. It is maintained by the official Department of Public Safety which also deals with people's Criminal Records and helps in relevant identification.

If employers need to request this information from the Department of Public Safety, they have to start by submitting a request. This request is sent on the basis of the name of the potential employee or their fingerprints, which are comparatively more difficult to obtain.

However, the bureau recommends employers to go ahead through the fingerprint method so they can easily identify the employee. Moreover, when searches are performed on the basis of fingerprints, they also take into account the employee's criminal records which are maintained by the system.

However, these services granted by the department are not free of cost. The employees are required to submit a fixed fee to carry out the process. The fee for getting access to employee information through the name is $20. The fee for getting access to employee information through fingerprint is more expensive at $35. Ideally, these scans also incorporate relevant criminal data.

Public Records Alaska

How to submit this information?

The request for access is submitted via the fingerprint form on their website. This is compulsory and the only way your data is accepted. Other formats like mail are rejected immediately.

However, when it comes to getting access to employee information through name, you can send them a mail or fax. If you require more than a single copy, you can get it with prior instructions and an additional charge of $5. If you send a request for more copies along with your original request, you can get each report at $5 but if you request them separately, you have to pay four times the original rate at $20.

If you want to send a mail to the department for requesting reports or queries, you can contact them through their official website.

If you want to call the department officials, you can use the phone number mentioned on their website: (907)269-5767. In addition to that, if you want to send a fax to them, you can do so at their fax number: (907)269-5091.

If you want to send reports, request reports, or contact them for any other sort of help, questions, requests or answering your queries, you can reach out to the department through their email address: dps.criminal.records@alaska.gov.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 16, 2022
Sensitive Information!