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Arizona Domestic Abuse Laws

Arizona has defined domestic violence or "domestic abuse" as an act of abuse that a household or family member commits against another. Many laws in Arizona may be regarded as domestic violence criminal offenses in case a qualifying victim exists. All these offenses are not necessarily violent.

According to the state's domestic violence laws, an act of domestic violence can be emotional, physical, neglect, economic control, sexual, or emotional. Following are some of the criminal offenses related to domestic abuse according to Arizona domestic abuse law:

  1. Threatening
  2. Assault and battery
  3. Kidnapping
  4. Disorderly conduct
  5. Criminal trespass
  6. Assault and battery using a deadly weapon, and
  7. Charges of aggravated domestic violence

In case a person is convicted with a charge of domestic violence, which is a misdemeanor for the 3rd time within 7 years, the person is said to have committed a felony and has to serve a prison term. On the other hand, an aggravated domestic abuse/violence in the state is regarded as a felony of type Class 5. The guilty can be penalized with a maximum prison term of 2.5 years when he/she is convicted for the first time.

Domestic Abuse Laws Arizona
Is it possible for the victim to take back the charges?

It is not possible to do so in the state of Arizona. These criminal offenses are strictly prosecuted in the court even though the victim declares that he/she would not like to "press charges" against the accused, when such charges are filed in the court, only the district attorney can drop them. The judges must approve the request of the prosecutor for dismissing a case. The state considers the victim as its witness having no power to drop charges. There are many such cases when the state may decide to prosecute such a case even though the victim disagrees to testify.

Definition of domestic violence/abuse

It refers to any act that Incurred between family or household members in Arizona:

  1. Physical assault like kicking or hitting
  2. Threatening conduct or words
  3. Intimidation
  4. Stalking
  5. Harassment in person or ver phone
  6. Some criminal offenses against kids or/and disorderly conduct
  7. Abuse to any vulnerable kid or adult
  8. Interfering or preventing to use the telephone in emergencies
  9. Cruel mistreatment, abandonment, or neglect of an animal
  10. Negligent manslaughter, murder, and homicide
  11. Custodial interference
  12. Not obeying an order of the court
  13. Criminal damage
  14. Criminal trespass
  15. Kidnapping
  16. Illegal imprisonment
  17. Endangerment i.e, placing a person at risk of imminent physical injury and death
  18. Secretly watching, recording, videotaping, or photographing you without your approval when you are in some kind of a private site such as a bedroom or bathroom while in a private act like sexual intercourse or urinating and when your buttocks, genitals or breaststroke exposed in a manner they are not typically done in public.

Definition of household/family member

  1. Former or current spouses
  2. People who resided or reside in the same house
  3. Two persons who had a kid together
  4. The victim and the accused were or are in a sexual or romantic relationship
  5. The victim or the defendant is impregnated by the other party
  6. The victim is a kid who stated or stays in the same house where the defendant stays or is related to the defendant's former spouse by blood or to an individual who stayed in the same house as the accused
  7. The victim has a blood relationship with the spouse of the defendant or the defendant
  8. Grandchild, child, grandparent sister or brother or is a parent-in-law by marriage
  9. Stepparent, grandparent-in-law,step-grandparent, step-grandchild, step-child, sister-in-law or brother-in-law
Arizona domestic abuse laws

Help for domestic abuse in Arizona

The victim can call the number 1-800-782-6400 to get in touch with the Arizona Coalition to stop domestic and sexual violence and complain against their domestic abuser.

Arizona domestic abuse statistics

Following are some of the major domestic abuse statistics in Arizona

  1. There were around 29,000 calls in 2016 to local and state domestic violence hotlines.
  2. In Arizona, the length of the stay in a state emergency shelter is 40 days on an average.
  3. According to an estimate, 1 in every 3 women in the state is regarded as a battered female
  4. About 90 percent of the kids living in a household with domestic violence are aware of the same
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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 16, 2022
Sensitive Information!