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Child Abuse Laws in Arkansas: These are Child Abuse laws for the State of Arkansas

The state of Arkansas views child abuse a severe crime and includes sexual, emotional, and physical abuses along with neglect and exploitation of a child. From the perspective of criminal law, child abuse has been defined by the Arkansas law as:

  • When a person aged at least 10 to an individual below 18 years of age
  • Indecent exposure
  • Use force to avail sexual contact, an attempt of sexual intercourse, or deviate sexual activity
  • Sexual contact, deviate sexual activity, or sexual intercourse
  • Using force to watch live sexual activity or pornography
  • To a person less than 18 years by his/her caregiver
  • By an individual with a minimum age of 18 to a person not his/her spouse and is below 16 years
  • Attempted sexual contact, deviate sexual activity, or sexual intercourse
  • Encouraging, permitting or forcing to watch live sexual activity
  • Act of voyeurism
  • Using force to listen to phone sex lines
  • Using forcible compulsion to attempt sexual contact, deviate sexual activity, or sexual intercourse
  • Thus, as far as Arkansas is concerned, the scope of any child abuse in the state also particularly comprises of striking in the face of a child, shaking a kid, or using a closed fist to strike a child. Certain incidents have been thus listed to be included within the scope of child abuse including repeated and extreme cruelty, abandonment, non-justifiable, negligent, or intentional conduct compromising of sexual, psychological, or physical abuse, giving a death threat or a threat of permanent impairment to a child purposely.
Arkansas Child Abuse Laws

Meanwhile, sexual exploitation is defined as encouraging, permitting, and allowing depiction or participation of a child in obscene filming, obscene photography, or prostitution. It also refers to an obscene depiction, posturing, or posing of a kid for any purpose or use.

The state’s act has also defined sexual contact, which is any sexual gratification act that involves:

  • An offender asking to touch a kid in a particular sexual manner
  • Encouraging a child to touch the convict in any kind of a sexual manner
  • Touching the anus, buttocks or other sex organs of a child or a female child’s breast through clothing or directly

List of mandatory reporters in Arkansas

The state’s statute also requires mandatory reporting to be “any person” who is aware of an act of child abuse in the state of Arkansas and is referred to as a mandatory reporter. When a mandatory reporter fails to report any incident related to child abuse or reports falsely, he/she can be charged with a penalty.

Any person below can report a known act of child abuse to the Department of Human Services:

  • School counselor
  • Teacher
  • A nurse or medical personnel
  • Dentist
  • Physician
  • Family or social worker
  • A worker of a daycare center
  • Mental health professional
  • A worker in foster care
  • Law enforcement professional
  • Peace officer
  • Clergyman
  • Domestic abuse advocate
  • Judge or prosecuting attorney
Arkansas Child Abuse Law

Also, any other individual who has a substantial reason to suspect that an incident about child abuse has taken place can report to the authorities. All mandatory reporters can report child abuse when

  • They have gained knowledge of possible ill-treatment through any communication needed to be kept a secret following a religious discipline of faith or relevant denomination, or
  • Gained the knowledge of the incident from the offender himself by their admission.

Failure to report child abuse or false reporting in Arkansas
The act is regarded as a Class C misdemeanor if a person failed to report willfully. The concerned individual is held civilly liable for damages caused due to their act of failure to report. In case of false reporting or notification, the concerned person can be charged with Class A misdemeanor.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on November 29, 2021
Sensitive Information!