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Judicial Records Arkansas: How to Get Free Judicial Records in the State of Arkansas?The State of Arkansas is situated in the southern region of the United States and comprises different geographical features like the Arkansas Delta and the Ozark Mountains. Arkansas is hailed as the 29th largest state in the United States and is home to many outdoor and recreational activities.

The population of Arkansas is around three million and the government has given all the provisions for the citizens to access and use various public and state records.

Access and use of different public records in the state are governed by and outlined in the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act of 1967. The Act has undergone 16 amendments to date and grants access to public and state records to all the citizens.

Besides citizens, several amendments made to the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act have also enabled various civic bodies and other corporations to access and use such records.

Arkansas Judicial Records

Sealing of State Records in Arkansas

Many state and criminal records in Arkansas can be sealed, erased. However, there are a set of guidelines to follow when doing so. If all the criteria satisfy, then the records can be erased so the event or crime never existed. Some petty criminal records including Class A negligent homicide, third-degree battery, indecent exposure, sexual indecency, fourth-degree sexual assault, a domestic battery of the third degree and driving in an inebriated state can be sealed or erased only after a five-year waiting period.
Certain other records cannot be sealed. Such records include those that give information about Class Y felonies, Class A or B felonies that aren’t drug offenses, manslaughters, unclassified felonies with sentences over 10 years, sex offenses, violence, felonies for which the offenders served sentence in the Arkansas Department of Corrections and various traffic offenses.

Getting a hold of State Records in Arkansas

Anyone who is a resident of the state of Arkansas has the authority to search for and use the state’s judicial records for any purpose without stating a valid reason for the same. Unless, of course, if prohibited by another law. To search for judicial records in Arkansas, the person seeking them may visit any of the official judicial websites of the state and search.

These days, such records are often made available online, even in other third-party websites and databases. The individual who wants to get a hold of such records can also visit the nearest county clerk’s office and apply for the same.

Judicial Records Arkansas

Restricted Access

Although most records are free to access without any reason, there are other records like those of government officials that are prohibited from accessing unless there is a genuine reason. The reason is simply to protect the privacy of such individuals. Any citizen of the state of Arkansas can also find various judicial and state records by visiting the Arkansas Public Records website.

The website hosts several state records including court records, criminal records, and vital records. Besides these, the website also hosts several other records including county records, company records, adoption records, employment records, driver records, income tax records, property records and more.

The laws in the state of Arkansas permit its citizens to access various public, state and judicial records without stating a valid reason for the same. There are many ways to obtain such records. Of these, the online method is the easiest and most sought-after method since most of these records can be found on the Internet.

And while there is no restriction to access several of these records, when it comes to records of government or state officials, the records can be withheld unless a satisfying enough reason is stated.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on June 29, 2022
Sensitive Information!