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Bayou La Batre Alabama: Crimes Statistics, Arrest and Population Information

City overview Bayou La Batre

A small coastal American city, Bayou La Batre is situated in a state called Alabama and has only a single neighborhood. The city has a population of about 2,513 inhabitants and is Alabama’s 173rd largest community.

Workforce and occupation Bayou La Batre

If you are visiting the city of Bayou La Batre, you will be sure to observe that more people are into blue-collar jobs here as compared to a majority of the communities in the United States of America. About 64.32 percent of the residents of Bayou La Batre are working in different kinds of blue-collar jobs while the national average for the same is just about 27.7 percent. If you look at the larger picture, the city is predominated by office and sales workers, shipping and transportation workers, manufacturing and production workers. You will come across many people in this coastal city who are engaged into office & administration support (about 6.08 percent), sales jobs (7.33 percent), and farm management occupations (11.38 percent).

Bayou La Batre Public Records

A fairly large number of the city’s workforce is known to telecommute for their jobs. In all, approximately 16 percent of Bayou La Batre’s workforce works from their houses. Although it may appear as an insignificant figure initially, it has one of the highest ranks in America in terms of a fraction of its entire workforce.

These telecommuting workers are mostly engaged in white-collar and knowledge-based professions. Silicon Valley, for instance, has a large workforce who typically telecommutes. Additionally, there could be other at-home residents who could be self-employed individuals operating small ventures from their homes.


Lifestyle and setting Bayou La Batre

An excellent feature of the city of Bayou La Batre is its nautical characteristics. Now, that signifies that there are certain sections of the city, which have a historical background. Further, these parts of Bayou La Batre touch the tidal water bodies or the ocean waters such as the bays and the inlets. Due to such scenic locations, many local residents, as well as, visitors frequently go to these places to enjoy different kinds of waterfront activities and games or to marvel at the fantastic scenery.

As mentioned earlier, Bayou La Batre is a very small city. As such, similar to many other smaller towns in the country, its population is neither adequately dense nor large to support or facilitate a proper public transportation system. The fact is that you will come across several rural roads in the locality, especially surrounding Bayou La Batre.

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As such, commuting to and from the workplaces by biking or walking can be a bit tough for the resident of the city. Due to these characteristics, Bayou La Batre it is quite a car-oriented town. About 75.49 percentage of the inhabitants commute to their workplaces in their private vehicles. Plus, the residents of the city have to frequent drive out of Bayou La Batre for activities like shopping and work. As Bayou La Batre is a small town, the focus is more on private vehicles rather than a proper public transit system.

Crime statistics Bayou La Batre

Check out some of the key crime statistics of Bayou La Batre below:

  • There are about 34.15 crimes daily for per 100,000 people, which take place in Bayou La Batre.
  • Bayou La Batre has a whopping overall crime rate, which is 339 percent more than the entire country’s average.  
  • An individual stands at a one in nine risks of being a sufferer of any kind of crime in the city of Bayou La Batre.
  • The figure of the complete year over year (YTY) crimes in the city have gone up by about 19 percent.

Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on May 23, 2019
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