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Blue Ash Ohio Overview and Crime Rate Statistics

Welcome to Blue Ash, a city located in Hamilton County, Ohio, which is further located in the United States of America. It happens to be an inner suburb of Cincinnati. The name Blue Ash bares a significant history dated back to 1797. This was the year the first settlers, built Carpenter’s Run Baptist Church. The Church was built out of Blue Ash logs which is where the name of the city was derived from. 

Blue Ash was once a community of farms, it wasn't until 1955 when it was incorporated and given the status of the village, and until 1961 when it was incorporated as a city. During this time, Blue Ash did not have a thriving commercial activity; it mostly consisted of a grocery store and a blacksmith. In 1908, the Blue Ash building and loan was established, regarded as the longest continuous business in Blue Ash, operating to this day.

Blue Ash Public Records

Blue Ash is the city where the Cincinnati-Blue Ash airport operated from 1921-2012, Cincinnati wished to expand the airport and open it for major commercial service, but their attempt failed, due to Blue Ash fighting the proposals and ideas of Cincinnati, then incorporated to plan their community. The airport was shut in 2012, and the land was sold to the city of Blue Ash, which further went on to open Summit Park on the land. The area surrounding Blue Ash was eventually developed by Cincinnati, through Reed Hartman’s community improvement corporation.

Blue Ash organizes two large events each year, “The Taste of Blue Ash” and “Red, White, and Blue Ash.” The former is hosted every year in celebration of the 4th of July; these events draw-in internationally recognized rock artists each year.

Blue Ash Ohio population

The census which took place during the year 2010 revealed a population of 12,114 people residing in Blue Ash, 5,015 households, with 3,404 families cradled within the city. Blue Ash saw a 3.2% decrease in population compared to the previous census in 2000 which recorded a population of 12,513 people, 3,468 families but witnessed an increase in holds which stood at 4,990 during the year 2000.

The city is made up of various races, they are: 79.9% White, 6.5% African American, 10.6% Asian, 0.6% from other races, 0.2% Native American, 2.1% that belonged to two or more races, and the Hispanic or Latino community of any race made up 2.5% of the population.

Blue Ash Court Records
Blue Ash Ohio income statistics

The last recorded income statistics in blue ash revealed, the median income of a household was $81,591 and for a family was $88,494, where males had a median income of $72,743, a bit higher than females at $65,060. The per capita income for the city was $63,801, and 4.7%of the population was under the poverty line, 6.8% under the age of 18, and 2.9% over the age of 65.

Criminal activity

The crime rate statistics in Blue Ash states:

  • Two reported incidents of murder.
  • Two reported incidents, rape.
  • Four reported incidents, robbery.
  • 8 reported incidents, assault.
  • 16 total incidents, violent crimes.
  • 42 reported incidents, burglaries.
  • 229 reported incidents, theft.
  • 7 reported incidents, motor vehicle theft.
  • 278 total incidents, property crimes.

The overall crime rate in Blue Ash reported is 12% lower than the Ohio overall average crime rate and stands at 13% lower than the national average. Blue Ash has a 56% lesser rate regarding violent crimes when compared to the Ohio average, and stands at 66% lesser compared to the national average. Regarding property crimes, Blue Ash comes in at 6% lower than the Ohio average for property crimes and 4% lower than the national property crime average.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on January 19, 2022
Sensitive Information!