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Bolingbrook Illinois and Crime Rate Statistics

Located in Will and DuPage Counties, the village of Bolingbrook is a new suburb southwest of Chicago. The roots of this city go back all the way to 1831, the year of the first settlement. During the 60s – 80s, Bolingbrook experienced significant growth, which quintupled its population simultaneously.

One reason why this city is a favorite with professionals is due to the presence of several corporate headquarters in its locality. When you want to visit this community, it is essential you know everything this place has to offer.  

Bolingbrook Illinois Crime Statistics

According to the latest information available on Bolingbrook, the crime figures match the average of the country, irrespective of the size of the community. Bolingbrook has a crime index of 48, which makes it 48% safer than the cities in the United States. The annual number of violent crimes and property crimes in the community are 158 and 944 respectively. The crime rate stands at 14.79, for every 1,000 residents living within the boundaries of this city.

Bolingbrook Public Records

In 2016, there were two murders, 23 rapes, 18 robberies, and 115 assaults in Bolingbrook, which is a part of violent crimes. In the same year, there were 111 burglaries, 782 thefts, 51 auto thefts, and three cases of arson. The chances of becoming a victim of violent crimes in the city stand at 1 in 472. Similarly, there is a 1 in 79 chance of becoming a property crime victim in the community.

The data from the last six years indicate a downward trend in the rate of crime. As a result, felony rate in 2018 should be lower than the figures in 2016. Two years ago, the violent crime rate was lower than the average values of the state and country. Even property crime indicates a similar trend, as it is lower than the figures of the state and the United States.

Bolingbrook Illinois Arrest

From previous year's data, there were 124 counts of arrest, 61 cases of theft, 11 instances of vandalism, 11 accounts of burglary, and four reports of the fire. Thirty-six registered sex offenders are living within the limits of the city. The ratio of sex offenders to inhabitants is 2,077 to 1, which is greater than the state and county average.

Bolingbrook Illinois Population Information

The latest estimates indicate that Bolingbrook has an average population of 75,201, which makes it the 14th largest city in the state of Illinois. It is one community in the United States which indicates a positive annual growth of 0.95%.

The population in the city is quite diverse, as 49.8% of the inhabitants are white, while 19.9% are African American or Black. 14% of the population belongs to other ethnicities, 11.2% are Asians, and 4.8% belong to two or more races.

Bolingbrook Court Records

The median age of the population in Bolingbrook is 34.6, 33.7 for males and 35.5 for females. Looking at the household figures, 89.8% of the inhabitants who own property fall into the married category, while 66.1% are non-family. For renters, only 10.2% are married, and 33.9% are non-family.

Under education, 22.17% of the residents are high school graduates, 7.83% completed associates degree, 24.26% are bachelor degree holders, and 12.2% have graduate degrees. The median household income in the city reached $80,285, after experiencing growth of 3.59%.

In the employment sector, 13.2% are in administrative jobs, 9.8% in sales, 8.8% in management, 6% in production, 6.1% in food and serving. The average salary for males is $97,799 and $60,621 for females.

66.7% of the inhabitants speak only English, while 19% are fluent in Spanish. The poverty rate in the city is 8.94%, 8.59% for males, and 9.30% for females. There are 2,837 veterans in Bolingbrook, out of which 1,149 served in Vietnam, 577 in the First Gulf War, 315 in Second Gulf War, 89 in World War II, and 85 in Korea.


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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on October 16, 2021
Sensitive Information!