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Brazoria County Jail: Information about Brazoria County Jail Here!

Brazoria County Jail is located in Angleton, Texas. It is a correctional facility where an inmate may be required to spend any time between a year-many. Its address is 2535 County Road 45, Angleton, TX, 77515.

Brazoria County Jail Overview

Brazoria County Jail is a medium-security jail housing adult male inmates serving their time under state law. Most inmates housed here serve sentences shorter than a year. The Brazoria County Jail Division manages the prison operations. Also, most inmates here have been convicted of property crimes than any other crime.

Brazoria County Jail History

Not much is known about the history of Brazoria County Jail.

Brazoria County Jail Current Information

The jail is open for visitation to friends and family of convicted inmates from 8am-12pm and again 7pm-10pm. On Saturdays and Sundays, the hours are 8am-4pm and 12pm-8pm respectively. All visitors must have a valid ID proof, wear appropriate clothing and register before visitation.

An inmate commissary package can be utilized by the inmate to buy female hygienics, supplementary, books, writing utensil and so on. You have to deposit cash into the inmate trust account for him/her to send emails/photos, receive wages from jobs and purchase from the commissary.

Brazoria County Jail

Brazoria County Jail Number of Inmates

Information on the number of inmates at Brazoria County Jail is not available. However, average daily inmate population here numbers around 837.

Brazoria County Jail Contact Information

One may contact the jail via a phone call placed to 979-864-2338. They may also drop down to 2535 County Road 45, Angleton, TX, 77515.

You can mail packages to an inmate you know. It is first checked for contraband before being handed over. You may also send him/her money.

Anybody wishing to pay a visit to an inmate must have a valid ID and their name on the visitation list. If you have to fall below the age of 16, you are required to be accompanied by an adult.


Brazoria County Jail People in Charge of the Jail

Sheriff Charles H. Wagner elected on April 13, 2004, oversees the operations of Brazoria County Jail. The Brazoria Sheriff's Office is the oldest in Texas. He began his career as a police officer and later climbed the ranks to become a Sheriff. There are deputies to help the Sheriff out with his responsibilities.

Brazoria County Jail Records

Brazoria county jail mugshots

If you want to search for Brazoria county jail mugshots, you will need to first perform a Brazoria inmate search. You can perform such a search by using two online inmate search methods:

State of Texas inmate search – to find a particular inmate in the Brazoria County jail, you can use the state of Texas online directory. For the search to be completed, you will need to enter the following details regarding the inmate in question: first name, last name, middle name, date of birth, date booked and date released.

GoLookUp's inmate search/mugshots search - Brazoria county jail mugshots can also be found by using GoLookUp's inmate search or mugshot search. Both search directories are name-based, so you will need to enter the name of the inmate you are searching. After the name is entered into one of the directories, the search engine will run a statewide search for public records that are registered to the name of the inmate in question. The search results of GoLookUp will be provided in minutes, and if the person you search indeed has a criminal record in the state of Texas, you will be able to see their mugshots whenever you desire.

Brazoria County Jail Afterword

Brazoria County Jail functions as part of the Brazoria County Sheriff's Office, i.e., the oldest Sheriff's office in the whole of Texas. Sheriff Charles H. Wagner looks after the daily functioning of the jail. Surprisingly, very little is known about the origin of the jail. Located in Arlington, Texas – it is a medium-security prison for men. Most prisoners here are serving time for property crime offenses. Any relative of an inmate wishing to come for visitation must present a valid ID and have his name on the visitation list beforehand.

They can mail packages to these inmates or even send them money which they can use to buy commissary items. While daily necessities are provided by the jail, commissary items are usually items which can be classified as personal luxuries from snacks to body care products. Daily inmate occupancy here is in the 800s. A proper figure for the total occupancy of the jail is not available. Anybody willing to contact an inmate may call him/her, drop in at the jail or mail them.

The Brazoria County Jail strives to provide rehabilitation to criminal offenders of Brazoria County. The Sheriff’s Office continuously works towards making the county a safer place. Of late, the Brazoria County Jail has come into the news for the wrong reasons but all issues have been looked into and a speedy resolution has been sought to maintain the reputation of the oldest law-enforcing agency of Texas.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on May 27, 2019
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