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How to Find Bankruptcy Records in California

There are a few reasons an individual or association would need to get to California bankruptcy records. Maybe you're an individual who is right now occupied with a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 liquidation procedure and needs to know the present status of your case. You might be an HR chairman who is directing a monetary record verification of another potential contract's Bankruptcy record in California.

Case data is accessible with the use of computerized Voice and case information service (VCISS) at (864) 332-8029. This framework is accessible 24 hours every day, and open on holidays also. A claim number, State identification or government identification card/ITIN is mandatory to get case data for Bankruptcy records in the state of California. The data accessible from the robotized framework is:

  • The date of the case filing and when it was recorded, regardless of whether a deliberate or automatic request was documented, and the part supporting which the appeal was documented;
  • Name of the borrower's lawyer;
  • Trustee's name;
  • Relegated Judge's name;
  • Release and shutting dates;
  • Event status; and
  • Case characteristic
State Records California


Access to Electronic Records online also known as (PACER) is an online framework that permits clients with a web association to print and view case archives as well as other important information such as background checks, arrest records and many other essential personal information on the web.

It is a great way to find California bankruptcy records online and there is a price of 0.10$ for every search. An expense is incurred of around 0.20$ for each page visited. To pursue an account, enroll at http://www.pacer.gov(link is outer).

Duplicate Bankruptcy records

Document duplicates of California public Bankruptcy records can be gotten face to face, via post, or through utilizing (PACER). To pursue an account, enroll at pacer.gov(a government authorized website for bankruptcy details).

To acquire duplicates of chapter 11 records, you should have a liquidation case number. Chapter 11 documents can be acquired cost-free over the computerized Voice Case data System (VCDS) at (856) 222-8028 or from a community terminal in any Bankruptcy Court regional office.

Copying expenses and research of Record charges may apply. If you want an idea of the expenses then allude with the Bankruptcy public records California expenses regarding documents concerning photocopy expenses, research of Court Records charges, and the Court's Acceptance Policy.

Certified California Public Bankruptcy Records

Confirmed duplicates of insolvency archives can be gotten face to face or via post from the regional province where the incident was recorded. To acquire a guaranteed duplicate of a bankruptcy archive, you should have a chapter 11 docket number and case estimate of the report to be affirmed.

Public Records California
California Bankruptcy Public Records case numbers are to be acquired at a minimal cost through the robotized Voice Cases Informations Systems (VCIS) at their local phone number. Docket figures are situated on official court papers and may also be acquired from a free terminal in any court regional office

Photocopy charges and research of Record expenses may apply. If you want to know the exact records and their details allude to the regional bankruptcy court for further info concerning all the queries that you might have.

All solicitations for ensured chapter 11 reports sent via letter must contain:

  • Chapter 11 or the preceding case number is given
  • Borrower(s) full initials
  • The court records that are to be duplicated and confirmed
  • Mentioning the party's phone number and other details

After the court decides the charges and the applicant's credentials, they will send a mail where you have to fill additional details of your pursuing bank records, after which you can check another's bankruptcy records.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on January 18, 2022
Sensitive Information!