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Canandaigua New York: Overview of City and Crime Rate Statistics

The city of Canandaigua is located in Ontario County – New York. The name Canandaigua was created from Seneca, a name of the village and is spelled in various ways. Located on the northern stretch of the Canandaigua Lake the city that is nearly 100 kilometers from Syracuse and about 40 km from Rochester.

The climatic conditions are at varying degrees with the highs going high and the low temperatures reaching minus 8 degrees Fahrenheit. The cost of living index is much lower than in New York. The education index like graduation from high school is considerably higher than in New York.  The home value and resale value of housing are not as high as the city of New York, unfortunately, but buying a home in this area is an easier bet, as it is not too heavy on the purse!

Canandaigua Public Records
Canandaigua New York Crime Rate Statistics Arrest Records

Crime in every part of the world has been climbing. The regular thefts across the board are even more surreptitious through methods of stealing data online through nefarious ways. To look at the annual crime that has been reported based on real-time timings at the average of 100,000 citizens is looked at through the prism of violent crimes, property related crimes, burglaries, murder, rapes and a host of other crimes.

The crime rate as detailed by the indices provided in Canandaigua is rather high. The violent crimes index amounts to at about 480 per 100,000 citizens, theft at 1720, rape at 182.6, burglary at 288.3, property crime at 2056, assault 240.2 and seems to be rising. The arrest records provided are indicative of the index provided based on various consensus platforms available. The property crime index Canandaigua has overthrown the average of New York but is considerably lower than the national average from the details provided. The arrest records are based on various statistics provided by the concerned authorities in the police departments. Many crimes that are unreported do not feature in this index.

Canandaigua New York Population and Income

The population in this small town is at an average of 15,000 and more. The average age based on the population index shows 23.3% under the age of 18, 8.1% ranging from 10 – 24 years and from 25 – 44 at 27.7% with 22% from 45 to 64 and 18.9 percent of 65 years and above. The ratio of male versus female is 92 per 100 which is saying quite a lot given the talk of female feticide on a global level.

Based on the population let us look at the minimum wage ratings taking into account the family income and per capita income in a general perspective. Per capita is about $31,326, median household income $43,635, male earnings are at $30,637, the female earning at $24,366, unemployment rate at 4.4%, the poverty level is at 16.3% and so on and so forth. Given the fact that the poverty levels are at a relative minimum as compared to various other quarters in the country, it shows that Canandaigua has dealt with the index at the grassroots.

Canandaigua Court Records

Canandaigua New York Related Information

The general tone about other areas of importance like transportation, utilities, and other resources are taken care of with care by the government and quasi-government bodies. Entertainment festivals like the Steam Fair, art and music festivals and other events are popular.  The Farmer’s Market has many flocking to buy the best products available. In general, Canandaigua is a lovely place to settle down. The income rates, however, are not as high as the rest of the country but communities are close-knit. While crime has been growing in various parts of the city, and across the world in general, the local police force ensures that they give it they're all.

Canandaigua Court Records Search

A court records search and a criminal records search can help you find out if people you meet or do not know very well have a past you need to know about. If you want to perform a Canandaigua court search, you can either contact the courts in the districts where the person resides, or perform an online search. The first method can be time-consuming because you will need to go to the courts and get access to Canandaigua court records. You will also need to wait to get copies of Canandaigua court records if you choose this search method.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on January 17, 2022
Sensitive Information!