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Cave Creek Arizona: Crimes Statistics, Arrest and Population Information

Cave Creek town is located in the Maricopa County of Arizona. It is situated in the northeastern part of Phoenix. It is a small town with a limited population. The town is adorned with historical figures and monuments. Its architecture is ancient and historic. The town shares its landmark, Black Mountain with another town called Carefree. The main attraction of the town is its historical figures, the town has a Cave Creek Museum, Mining caves that attracts tourism, and several historic artifacts that add to the beauty of the town. According to the United States Census Bureau, the town has a total land area of 28.2 square miles.

cave creek arizona public records

Cave Creek council has a special provision for tie breakers. It allows a game of chance in order the get fair results. In one such situation, wherein there break in tie for a vote for the Town council, a fame of chance was played. The tie was between a law student in his mid-twenties and a councilman. As fate would have it, the law student won the game of chance and became the town council. This was a much-hyped incident that took place in the Cave Creek.

The town does have certain tourist attractions that have helped the economy circulate. Cave Creek is situated on the foothills of Scottsdale on the northwest which attracts tourism for the purposes of trekking, camping and other adventure activities. Then there are also art galleries, home decor stores that offer upscale products like Mexican potteries and home furnishings. The town also hosts an event called Wild West Days that has a number of activities like cattle drive and bull ride for kids and the event also features a parade.

The townsmen use the nearby Phoenix airport or the Mesa airport to travel cross borders as the town does not have its own airport. It is an extremely small town with a limited economic growth.

Crime statistics Cave Creek: 

Crime rate in Cave Creek is extremely low. For every 100 people in the town only 12 fall victim to the crime overall. So the crime rate is not non-existent but it is also not alarmingly high. Cave Creek is a safe city to live in. According to the investigations and surveys conducted, it was found that the number of people affected by violent crimes in Cave Creek was 1 in 782 and 11 in 1000 residents. This is not the best result but it relatively much better than the crime rate of other cities in Arizona. So in comparison to those cities, Cave Creek is safe.

Arrests in Cave Creek, Arizona: 

The crime rate in Cave Creek is so low that the chances of becoming a victim of a crime in the town id 1 in 90. And the crimes that are reported in the town are followed up and taken action against as the population in the town is so little that it is not difficult to intercept the criminal. So the arrest rate of the town stays stable and has not dipped over the years.

Population Information

Cave creek population falls around 5,275 which is a small number of people living in one place in the state of Arizona. The population density amounts to 143% higher than the rest of Arizona and 53% higher than the rest of America as it sums up to around 140sq/mi. About 66% of the population is over the age of 15 and married, English speaking population is about 93% and Spanish speaking is 2%. About 24% of the residents residing in Cave Creek were born in Arizona, 1% was born out of America, 11% are foreigners and the rest were born outside of Arizona but inside America.

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