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Cedar Park Texas Overview, Crime Rate Statistics, and Related Information

A medium sized city situated in Williamson County located in Texas – Cedar Park. Based on the statistics available on the internet the population was at 75226 in 2017. As a major suburb of Austin, the city boasts of many large communities in the state of Texas. Job creations have caused an increase in new housing for mixed-income groups. The middle class, the upper middle class, and the higher echelons live in Cedar Park.

The economy is considerably healthy given that this is a place to trade in real estate. As one of the relatively more expensive cities in Texas, there are more white collared jobs that provide employment to over 89.62% of people. One can state based on the indexes available that professionals, administrative staff, managerial cadre, and sales personnel are well employed. The average household income based on varied statistics accounts to an average of $87,500 per median household. While it is quite an expansive city to reside in, it does not necessarily stipulate that it accounts for the higher value in real estate. Most people are very well versed in mathematics and computer savvy.

Cedar Park Public Records
Cedar Park Texas Population and Other Information

Many use local transport to ferry them to different parts of the city and beyond. About 8% of professionals work from home, with many self-employed bringing in the city’s revenue to a higher percentile. With more companies providing telecommute options to staff members it makes the journey an easy ride.  The city as a whole is pretty family driven and because of this factor, settling down in Cedar Park is a good bet.

The public school is well run and provides an ideal educational spot.  Single-family homes also provide immense stability to the community. Since it is quite a close-knit bunch of people, the crime rate is not as high as the rest of the county, taking into account the average index available.  Educationally most citizens over the age of 25 and older sport a bachelor’s degree. From a generic point of view, the US accounts to about 21.84% of educated professionals with a graduate or a bachelor’s degree. Using this as a thesis of sorts, one can account that the per capita amount is at approximately $45,000 per family of four.

Cedar Park Court Records
Cedar Park Texas Mixed Bag and Crime Rate

Cedar Park is a very diverse city. People arrived in the US from various places. Common ancestries include Irish, Italian, French, Hispanic or Latino, and English. The population of the Hispanic and Latino community accounts for about 18.87% of residents. As a general form of communication, the English language is the predominant spoken and read the language. Spanish and other languages of India are also spoken in Cedar Park.

The crime rate index as per statistics provided accounts to one in 64. Taking this into account based on reported indices, Cedar Park is way safer than other parts of the country as per data provided by the FBI. Regarding violent crimes, the most reported of crimes is in the property crime segment. Burglary, larceny, grand auto theft, and arson are contributors to the property crime index.  The violent crime index is at 2 per 1,000. The violent crimes reported are aggravated assault, rape, manslaughter, armed robbery, and as per records, one can become a victim of a violent crime at an average of one in 595.

Cedar Park Texas Age Index

The average age of people living in Cedar Park is between the age group of 35 – 54 (32.1%), 5-17 at 22.6%, 25-34 at 14.2%, 55-64 at 8.8 percent, 65 and above at 7.9% and the rest balancing the equation. The big picture, therefore, lets on that Cedar Park is a great place to settle down from every perspective. Of course, the crime rate anywhere is growing, but the average index concludes that it is not as worrying as other parts of the country.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on October 28, 2021
Sensitive Information!