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Colorado Vital Records: This Is How You Can Find Colorado Vital Records for Free

Vital records refer to documented records of important life events in a person’s life which are registered with the government of the individual’s place of residence. Birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, and divorce records are all examples of vital records. The government collects this information for population census purposes.

If you are trying to trace a long lost family member, learn about your ancestors or even run a background check on any person of interest – searching for vital records can provide you with invaluable information. You can find out if the person you are currently dating is hiding a previous marriage from you. You may be able to tell if your extended family has ever disowned its progeny. You can also learn all you ever wanted to know about that one uncle/aunt that you never got to meet.

What Information is listed on Vital Records?

The information you will find listed on a particular vital record will differ from another. Generally, the information common to all vital records is the full name of the individual whose life event is recorded, the place of the event and the date of the event. For eg: A divorce record will state the name of the individuals who were involved in the marriage, the names of children if applicable, the date and place of the divorce.

Colorado Vital Records
How to Look Up Vital Records Colorado?

If you are a resident of Colorado or would like to go through the vital records for a citizen of Colorado, you may place a request with the Colorado Department of Vital Records. The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment runs a Vital Records section which handles all sorts of the vital records request.

All requests for vital records must be sent across to the Vital Records Office, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment at 4300 Cherry Creek Drive South, HSVRD-VS-A1, Denver, CO 80246-1530. The process followed for requesting vital records are, as follows –

  • Birth and Death Records – The Colorado State Office has birth and death records of citizens of Colorado in its possession from 1910 and 1900 respectively. The cost of obtaining a copy of either is $20. An additional fee of $13 for every extra copy requested. You are requested to call and confirm the current fees payable to process your request at (303) 692-2200. All personal checks or money orders must be made payable to the Vital Records Section office of the CDPHE. If you have any other inquiries regarding how to make your birth/death records request, you may visit http://www.cdphe.state.co.us/certs/index.html. All requests must be furnished with a valid copy of the requestor’s ID proof.
  • Marriage and Divorce Records – Certified copies of marriage and divorce records are not available from the State Health Department of Colorado. An index verification of $17 is applicable for processing both marriage and divorce records requests. At the county level, you can seek out the County Clerk where the marriage/divorce license was issued.

Besides contacting the Colorado Center for Health Statistics Vital Records, you may also utilize various web resources that can help you track down free vital records Colorado. Some of these websites are –




Vital Records Colorado

The only information you need to look up the State of Colorado Vital Records using these search engines is the person’s full name whose vital records you intend to search for. It is quick and convenient and you can access the results of your search within a couple of minutes. Some of these websites even let you order your own copy of these documents. Now, you can play detective all you want and feed your curiosity learning all about your long lost relatives and rumored ancestry.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on July 2, 2022
Sensitive Information!