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How to Find Bankruptcy Records in Connecticut

If you want to find bankruptcy records in Connecticut or any other state in the US, you have to register for a service called Public Access to Court Electronic Records(PACER). PACER is an electronic tool used by the federal court system to collect and manage law cases. All cases from the US district courts, bankruptcy courts, and the court of appeals are recorded by PACER and accessible to the public. The system is not free of cost and accessing bankruptcy records costs $0.10 per page.

In Connecticut, the state law prohibits disclosure of individual credit information to the public. However, the same cannot be stated for Connecticut bankruptcy records. Since bankruptcy cases are filed in the court, they are public cases that can only be sealed if the judge deems it fit. It is very rare for anyone’s bankruptcy records in Connecticut to be sealed. People who need access to someone’s bankruptcy records need to follow a few simple steps outlined below:

  • Register for PACER by providing correct information
  • Users can register for two types of services: view cases, and e-filing
  • Most users register for view cases service which allows read-only access for viewing, searching, and printing
  • To file cases electronically, register for the e-filing service, which is mostly used by attorneys
  • Provide credit card information to gain immediate access
  • Read the user manual and start searching for bankruptcy case records

    State Records Connecticut

Using the PACER Case Locator is quite easy. Although the service is majorly used by attorneys and their employees, it is accessible to everyone living in the United States. Bankruptcy records retrieved using PACER will provide you with information about the case proceeding, parties involved, judgment, etc. Some sensitive information such as the individual's Social Security Number is always hidden in these public files.

Bankruptcy records Connecticut for closed businesses and individual bankruptcy case files are made available by NARA (National Archives and Records Administrator). There are many reasons why one may check for bankruptcy records in Connecticut. Bank administrators, creditors, and employers tend to do a background check before getting involved with a person seeking a loan or employment.

Although individuals may have varied reasons for checking public bankruptcy records in Connecticut, it remains a crucial part of anyone’s background check.

Cost of Accessing Connecticut Bankruptcy Public Records

PACER documents and registers cases within 24 hours of them being filed. The PACER case locator (PCL) allows you to access public bankruptcy records nationwide. However, even though this information is public, it is not completely free. Since the PSC (PACER Service Center) is not funded by the federal government, funds are collected through user fees.

Public Records Connecticut
Fees for different types of services availed by using PACER to access Connecticut Bankruptcy public records are outlined below:

  • Case information: $0.10 per page (includes searches that yield no matches)
  • *Single document costs are capped at 30 pages, incurring a fee of $3
  • Audio files can be accessed for $2.40 per file
  • Images of PDF files can be accessed, the charge is $0.10 per for image of each page in the file
  • Billings are held on a quarterly basis
  • Charges are waived off if the total bill is $30 or less for a quarter

*Note: Only dockets are capped at 30 pages, not case files.

To access restricted bankruptcy records that are not available on PACER, you will have to visit the court personally and request for the same. The United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Connecticut has three offices located in Bridgeport, Hartford, and New Haven.

There is some debate revolving around being charged to access bankruptcy records. Since these cases fall under the public domain, many nonprofit organizations have started providing bankruptcy records in Connecticut and other states for free electronically.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on June 25, 2022
Sensitive Information!