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Government Records Connecticut: Where to Obtain Government Records for the State of Connecticut?Similar to all states, Connecticut has made government records accessible for public use. Some of these sites are private and run by non-profit organizations while others are run by the state government itself. The difference between access to national (or federal) judicial records and state judicial records is that, though there are sites to access records from a centralized website, the state link is focalized and specific, with better resources.

Following are a few links particular to the state of Connecticut where a user could avail access to public records:
  • Netroline: https://publicrecords.netronline.com/state/CT
  • SearchSystems.net link to search free public records: http://publicrecords.searchsystems.net/USA_State/Connecticut/
  • Connecticut State Library: https://ctstatelibrary.org/publicrecords/
  • Connecticut State Records: https://connecticut.staterecords.org/
  • State of Connecticut's Judicial Branch: https://www.jud.ct.gov/jud2.htm
  • Apart from these sites, one could access the centralized site for other judicial records, like PACER or CourtHouse Direct for particular case files or documented other legal proceedings.

Connecticut Government Records

What does each site have to offer?


The provided URL opens an online search engine primarily for public records of each state, with Connecticut as the preferred state. The page shows each and every county of the state. Upon accessing each county, a few phone numbers are given. Records could be obtained by, however, clicking on the blue hyperlink next to each contact number.


The provided URL opens a free search engine database of Connecticut, though the site has records of every state of the country. The database opens up their page as per the need, that is, the database to the residents' court records, criminal records, and vital records such as health/immunization records, birth certificates or divorce certificates, apart from the following data:
law enforcement investigative files, personnel and medical files, pending claims and litigation strategy records, trade secrets, personal financial data, student records, adoption records, and records that could compromise public safety or personal privacy.
Connecticut State Library:

The tagline of the website is apt, "preserving the past. Informing the future." While the page provides extensive resources, there is a page dedicated to the public records of the residents. The public records section opens with the "Office of the Public Records Administrator" along with some information from the Connecticut State Legislature.

On the side, there are tabs that would open the database of the Municipal Records, State Records, and other essential records.

Government Records Connecticut

Connecticut State Records:

This is a non-profit organization that has records pertaining to warrants or police, criminals and inmates, courts, marriages and divorces, bankruptcy, civil judgments and other lawsuits, birth, and property. The site also contains resources about the state like public acquisitions and county information.

State of Connecticut's Judicial Branch:

The provided URL opens up the page to Connecticut's Judicial Branch cases search engine. Here one could look up any case with respect to the Supreme Court, appellate court, civil cases, housing or family claims, criminal cases or motor vehicle-related claims, and centralized small claims. Apart from this, one could gather information pertaining to service centers in Connecticut, law libraries, and other E-Services.

As mentioned above, other than webpages related to the State, one could access the centralized website, as well, to obtain records. Sites like public access to court electronic records (or PACER), CourtHouse Direct, etc., provide online copies of vital records and legal proceedings. State records are as sensitive as judicial records. Nevertheless, it is the right of the people.

Every country's resident has the right to have access or be informed of every information pertaining to them, thus, having the privilege to obtain these state records enables one to understand the legality behind the proceedings and information documented for judicial use and better survival.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on June 28, 2022
Sensitive Information!