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Conroe Texas Overview of City, Crime Rate Statistics, and Related Information

Conroe city in Texas is situated at some 40 miles from Houston but falls in Montgomery County. The city once bared so much oil profit in the 1930s that it was home to most of USAs millionaires. But this joy was only short lived. Since then many millionaires came and settled in the outskirts of Conroe.

Conroe has to its beautiful credit lakes and scenic hardwood and pine forests making it a frequently visited place by the tourists. The main attraction of Conroe is Lake Conroe which is 22,000 acres in area and is often used for fishing, kayaking, boating, and swimming. Then a little ahead towards the north is a hiker's paradise. Sam Houston National Forest is a place that is frequented by bikers and hikers to enjoy nature's beauty.

Although famous for its outdoor and nature-driven activities, Conroe is also much more than that. The inner reflections of the town are also appealing. Conroe is host to several quirky and fancy shops, art galleries, wine and dine restaurants, unique cafes and also Conroe’s historic theaters. It is a pretty popular weekend getaway for visitors especially those coming down from Houston since it is just a 1-hour drive and the experience is worth it.

Conroe Public Records
Conroe is also a host of some semi-private and public golf courses that can be easily covered during the trip to Conroe. Then there is also a long and huge hiking trail for hikers leading up to a stretch of 129 miles. The lone start hiking trail is the lengthiest continuous in Sam Houston National park.

Conroe Texas Crime Rate Statistics

Conroe is considered to be a safe city to live in considering the crime rate statistics of other cities in the USA and Texas. It has a crime rate that falls 7% below the national average of the USA. The crimes per 100,000 residents have been accounted to be 6.98 on a daily basis, and the city is considered to be 29% safer than other cities in the USA. The chances of becoming a victim of a crime whether it is violent or property crime in New Braunfels is 1 in 40.

Conroe Texas Arrest Records

The crime rate in Conroe is low when comparing to other cities, but considering that the incidents of crimes reported are neither very high nor very low. It is mediocre. Regarding violent crimes, for every 100,000 residents only four murders, 54 rapes, 65 robbery, and 126 assaults are reported bringing to a total of 249 incidents. Then regarding property crimes, only 276 burglaries, 1479 thefts, and 176 motor vehicle thefts are reported bringing to a total of 191. These numbers are not very high considering the low level of crimes that take place but still, which means that to completely get rid of crimes in Conroe, more incidents need to be reported.

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Conroe Texas Population

As of 2017, the population of New Braunfels stands at some 84,378. Conroe is considered to be one of the USA largest and fastest growing cities as the population therein crossed a barrier of almost 20,000 in 7 years. In 2010 the population was estimated to be 56,207 whereas, in 2017, the population increased to 84,378.

Conroe Texas Minimum wage

The minimum wage criterion in Conroe is not centrally applicable but what has been devised at the state level. However, the minimum wage standard is $7.2 per hour which is equivalent to the federal standard of the minimum wage. It applies to all employees’ only exceptions being student workers and tipped employees among others.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on December 1, 2021
Sensitive Information!