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Coral Gables Florida: Crimes Statistics, Arrest and Population Information

Incorporated in 1925, Coral Gables is a city located southwest of Miami. The city was one of the first planned communities in the region. Developed by John Merrick, the city's architecture mimics Mediterranean Revival Style. Popular for its fine dining options, Coral Gables has a Class I fire department and an accredited police department. The city has strict zoning regulations. The local Building and Zoning Department has won several accolades for its efforts to enforce the zoning codes. Coral Gables is widely regarded as a pedestrian-friendly city. Nicknamed the City Beautiful, it is home to some landmarks including Douglas Entrance and Miami Biltmore Hotel. The University of Miami located in the city is ranked among the top educational institutes in the country.

Coral Gables Florida City overview

The homeownership rate in Coral Gables in 62.7 percent. Studies show a year-on-year rise of 2 percent in the median property selling price. Things do not look up for homeowners looking for renters. Studies show a decline of 2 percent drop in median rent every month. The median price per sq. Foot for the city is $379. The median property value in Coral Gables is almost four times more than the national average.

Coral Gables Public Records

Professional, scientific & tech services, educational services, and healthcare & social assistance are the major industries in Coral Gables. A substantial percentage of the city’s working population holds white collar jobs in sales, administration, and management. As compared to several other US cities, Coral Gables has a higher number of people working in specialized domains such as arts & recreation and legal. Healthcare, management, and legal are some of the highest paying industries in the city.

Coral Gables has a well-developed transportation system. Primary modes of transportation include Metrobus and Metrorail. The city also has a trolley service. Rapid Transit connects the city to Miami International Airport. The average commute time for the city is 22.4 minutes, which is lower than the national average of 26 minutes. A significant percentage (around 75 percent) of the city’s working population drives alone to work.
For every 2,827 female students graduating from the city, there are 2,586 male students. A substantial percentage of the student population prefers graduating from a private, not-for-profit college. General psychology, registered nursing, general biological sciences, and general finance are some of the most popular majors.

The percentage of non-English speaking people in Coral Gables is more than the national average. Apart from English, Portuguese and French are the other two major languages spoken in the city. The local population primarily comprises of Hispanics, whites, and blacks.

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Coral Gables Florida Crime statistics

Studies show that the overall crime rate in Coral Gable has been declining year-on-year for the past almost two decades. The FBI expects the positive trend to continue for the coming years. Coral Gables' crime index is 16, meaning it is safer than 16 percent of U.S. cities. The city's crime rate is around 32 percent. The chances of a person becoming a victim of a violent crime are 1 in 660 in Coral Gables, which is significantly lower as compared to Florida's rate of 1 in 232. The chances of a person becoming a victim of a property crime are 1 in 33, which is higher as compared to Florida's (1 in 37). One hundred fifteen crimes are committed per square mile in the city. Murder, rape, non-negligible manslaughter, and robbery are some major types of violent crimes committed in the city. Property crimes primarily include burglary, arson, and motor vehicle theft.

Given the low rate of violent crimes, Coral Gables is regarded as a safe city.

Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on May 24, 2019
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