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Cortland New York Overview of City and Crime Rate Statistics

This is a city located in Cortland County, New York, in the Southern Tier region. Cortland was settled in 1791 and made a village in the year 1853, later in the year 1900 it became the 41st city in New York state. This city is also called crown city as it is located on a plain that is formed by the convergence of seven valleys. This city is situated 1,130 feet above sea level. One of the leading industries in Cortland during the late nineteenth and early twentieth century was the wire drawing mill of Wickwire Brothers which was noted for the production of wire hardware cloth that could be used as window screens.

The total area of this city is 3.92 square miles out of which a majority consists of land, and only 0.02 square miles is made up of water.

Population of Cortland

During the census in 2000, it was found that the total population of Cortland was 18,740 people that made up 6,922 households and 3,454 families. The density of population here is 1925.2 per square mile. The number of housing units here is 7,550 that are distributed at a density of 1925.2 per square mile. Of the total number of households 18.3% has children under the age of 18 that live with them, 28.5% are between the ages of 18 and 24, 23.6% are of the ages 25 to 44, while 16.8% are from the ages of 45 to 64, and finally 12.9% are of the age 65 or above.

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The median income of a household in this city is $26,478 while the median income of a family was $39,167. The median income of males was $29,857 as compared to the $21,614 of females. The per capita income in this city was found to be $14,267 and around 13.9% of families, and 24.7% of the population is far below the poverty line. This includes 24.8% that are under the age of 18 and 15.2% individuals that are above the age of 65.

Crime Rates in Cortland

Although 25 crimes per thousand individuals is not a very high number, this city ranks higher up in the charts as compared to other communities of America. The chance of an individual living here to be the victim of either a violent or property crime is 1 in 40. This has led to the FBI data stating that this city is not one of the safest that you can live in. As compared to other cities in the state of New York the crime rate here is almost 90% higher than other cities and towns of all sizes. When compared to other communities of similar sizes across America it was found that the crime rates in Cortland are near average.

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Another aspect to take into consideration while discussing the crime rate is the average rate for violent crimes such as muggings, rape, murder, and aggravated assault and property crimes like motor vehicle theft, larceny, burglary, or arson.

The state average for violent crimes in New York was calculated to be around one in a thousand people, as compared to this the average crime rate for Cortland is one in 783 which is close to the state average. On the other hand regarding property crimes, the average in Cortland is 24 per thousand people. Therefore your chance of falling victim to property theft is one on 42.

As compared to similar communities in America Cortland falls in the middle regarding living conditions and safety so it could be a great place to relocate. 

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