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2020 Criminal Background Check

There is a staggering amount of people in the US with arrest and criminal records. According to a think tank, the Center for American Progress, around 19,000,000 Americans have felony convictions, and around one in three adults have a criminal record. With statistics like these, it is a serious concern that someone close in your life or in a member of your family’s life has a criminal record.

Knowing if someone has a criminal record can help keep you safe, both physically and financially. Nowadays you don’t have to be a private investigator or be friends with a member of law enforcement to find out if someone has a criminal record, you can find this information easily by running a criminal background check.

Criminal Background Check

What is a Criminal Background Check?

A criminal background check essentially is a comprehensive search of someone's file to see if there are any arrests or criminal records in the person's past. Criminal records are also called rap sheets or police records and are records that are created and kept by law enforcement agencies to keep track of a person’s criminal history.

When you run a criminal background check you may receive information including the reason for the arrest, whether there were a conviction, mug shots, identifying marks, known aliases, race, height, weight and more. Criminal records cover all types of crime ranging from traffic violations to felony cases such as murder and assault as well as property crimes or financial crimes.

How to Obtain a Criminal Background Check Report?

The ideal method to obtain a criminal background check report is through a background check company. Because criminal records are considered public records, many background check companies, and people search services have aggregated billions of public records which generally include criminal records and make them searchable to the public. Some of these companies specialize in criminal background. 

It is important to be aware of the fact that not all criminal records will show up on a background check report. This can be the case if the record was expunged by a court. Currently, in the US there is a massive bipartisan movement to allow for leniency when receiving a request for expungement. This is due to the fact that 8 years after a crime is committed, and no followup crimes were committed, a person is not likely to commit another crime and having a criminal record severely hinders one’s ability to find a job. 

Here are some of the best background check companies to run a criminal background check:

Free Criminal Background Check
Instant Checkmate

InstantCheckMate is an online background search company founded in 2010. Its criminal background check service allows anyone to find police records, background checks, civil judgments on anyone in the US. To use the criminal background search, you simply need to enter the first name and last name of the person as well as the state in which the crime would have been committed. InstantCheckmate will then perform a statewide search to find records about the person you are searching for including criminal records, police records, mug shots, and other information. You can also navigate through their database by city, state, or zip code to see crime statistics in your area. Instant Checkmate works on a monthly subscription basis, but once you have access, you can run as many searches as you want. 

 2020 Criminal Background Check: What is a Criminal Background Check and How to Obtain a Report


TruthFinder is a California-based background search company that was established in 2015. The company offers public records searches of all kinds, including police, criminal and arrest records amongst others. Similarly to Instant Checkmate, you need to just search a name and location to see if almost anyone in the United States has a criminal record. TruthFinder will then scan hundreds of millions of public records and criminal records data in order to provide a complete report about the person you are looking to find information about. The Criminal Records Database of Truthfinder contains real crime data from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (F.B.I.) and other agencies for the United States. The service is also based on a monthly subscription plan that allows for unlimited searches. 

2020 Criminal Background Check: What is a Criminal Background Check and How to Obtain a Report


CriminalWatchDog is one of the online background checks that specializes in criminal background checks with a focus on pre-employment screening services. CriminalWatchDog has almost 465 million criminal files in its database and offers a number of various criminal background checks including a basic criminal check, an advanced criminal check, and an advanced plus criminal check. The basic option will search through millions of criminal and sex offender records in order to provide you with a basic report that includes all criminal information about an individual in the US. If you would like to opt for an advanced background check you will be provided with more details about specific arrests like the case number and other information.

2020 Criminal Background Check: What is a Criminal Background Check and How to Obtain a Report


GoLookUp is an expert background check that specializes in finding criminal records and searching deep web data. The service utilizes hundreds of millions of public records that are updated daily and allows its users to perform an unlimited number of searches for mugshots, criminal records, arrest records, and any other public records you may need. The search runs using the name and state of the person who you suspect may have a criminal record and will provide you with a complete report that you can download and view at any time. 

2020 Criminal Background Check: What is a Criminal Background Check and How to Obtain a Report


PeopleFinders is a public records search company that is based in California and was founded in 2002. PeopleFinders uses a database of over 43 billion public records in order to provide its service to consumers. One of the six different services that PeopleFinders offers is a criminal records search that can provide access to criminal records, arrest records & sex offender records. By searching based on the name and location of an individual, you can get criminal records ranging from small infractions to major felonies. PeopleFinders' records include official criminal records from local, state and federal agencies.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 10, 2022
Sensitive Information!