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Cullman Alabama: Crimes Statistics, Arrest and Population Information

Cullman is a small city situated in the U.S. state called Alabama. It has 6 constituent neighborhoods and a population of about 15,496 people. The city is Alabama’s 41st biggest community.

Cullman overview

The real estate in the city is considered amongst the costliest in the state of Alabama. However, the house values in Cullman do not stand any comparison when pitted against the costliest American real estate.
Contrary to some cities in the United States where the economy is dominated by either blue-collar or white-collar jobs, the city is not dominated by either of them. Rather, the city’s workforce is a mix of blue-collar and white-collar jobs. In other words, Cullman is considered as a city of office and sales workers, service providers, and professionals. The city has many residents who are known to be employed in healthcare (10.62 percent), administrative support (10.87 percent), and sales jobs (17.58 percent).

Cullman Alabama Public Records

Although, Cullman is regarded as a small city, there are several residents who use public transport facilities daily to commute to and from their offices. The public transport is a boon for the city’s residents who need to avail an economical mode for transportations.

Cullman’s residents are slightly more educated as compared to America’s average of 21.84 percent for all towns and cities. In fact, around 23.41 percent of the city’s adult population has either a degree in bachelors or an advanced degree.

You will find English as the most commonly spoken language in Cullman. However, some other crucial languages spoken in the city are Polish and Spanish.

Cullman’s key crime statistics

The city’s crime rate is significantly higher as compared to the national average considering all American communities from the tiniest to the largest and stands at thirty-nine crimes per 1,000 residents. At the same time, it does not feature in the list of all those communities, which have the highest rates of crime. The risk of becoming a sufferer of either property or violent crime in the city is one in twenty-six. According to the crime data of FBI, Cullman is definitely not one of America’s safest communities. Compared to Alabama, the crime rate of the city is higher than about 75 percent of the towns and all cities of all sizes in the state.

It is also important to note that when the city is compared to other communities with a similar population, its crime rate (property and violent crimes taken together) is slightly more than the average. Irrespective of how this city fares in relation to all other American communities of varying sizes, NeighborhoodScout has compared Cullman with communities having similar population size. Cullman’s crime rate per 1,000 residents is higher than the majority.

A research conducted by NeighborhoodScout highlights that the violent crime rate in Cullman is one per 1,000 residents. It is around average for all American communities irrespective of their size of the population. Types of violent crimes the research included and tracked are aggravated assault, armed robbery, non-negligent manslaughter, murder, and nonstatutory rape. Approximately similar to the national average, another analysis illuminates that a person’s possibility of falling prey to a violent crime in the city is 1 in 704.

Plus, NeighborhoodScout also discovered that the incidents of property crime are also very rampant in the city of Cullman. Examples of property crime taken into account for the analysis are larceny of more than 50 USD, arson, theft of motor vehicle, and burglary. A person has a chance of becoming a sufferer of a property crime in Cullman is 1 in 27. When translated, the property crime rate is thirty-seven per 1,000 people.


Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on May 26, 2019
Sensitive Information!