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Farmingdale New York Overview and Crime Statistics

The village of Farmingdale has been incorporated into Long Island, specifically Nassau County of New York. It has a total area of 2.9 square km, all of which island, with no water bodies in the area. The town lies in the adjacent area of the Bethpage State Park.

This community was first established in as far back as 1690. There is some grand architecture that can be seen along its main street while the Village Green is the place where the entire village comes together when the weather is good. Farmingdale has the Republican Airport supporting it and is connected by the Long Island Rail Road.

The village has an amalgamation of people of different races and ethnic backgrounds coexisting in harmony. A consensus taken in 210 reveals that more than 80% of the people living there are white, 13.7% were Latino or Hispanic and other races made up about 4.7% while 2.5% of the population was Asian.

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Farmingdale New York Minimum Wage: Minimum wage in Farmingdale follows the wage law of New York City, which is upwards of 11 dollars per hour.

Farmingdale New York Population: The Total population of the area is estimated to be 8,189 according to a 2010 census with the population density coming to about 7,400 per square meter.


Farmingdale New York History: The first European settler of the area arrived in 1687 and 1695 he purchased 39 square km of land. The village takes its name from a general store built by the land developer Ambrose George.

As LIRR extended its services to the area in 1841, it identified the popular store of Farmingdale as a marker and named the stop after it. In the subsequent years, the area grew in size and other facilities were established. The oldest facilities of Farmingdale were the golf course which was later transformed into the Bethpage State Park and the State Agriculture and Technological School.

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Farmingdale New York Crime Reports: Farmingdale is one of the safest areas with Crime Index of 56 and it is about 56% safer than other U.S cities. The Crime Rate for every 1000 residents records 0.90 of violent crimes and 11.86 of property related crimes. The chances of being a victim of a violent crime in Farmingdale is about 1 in 1,107 and chances of being the victim of a Property Crime is about 1 in 84.

Frequent crimes which have been reported in the last year include two counts of Arson, 36 counts of Vandalism, 66 counts of assault, 11 counts of burglary and 361 counts of theft.

Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on May 27, 2019
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