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How To Find Someone Who Makes an Effort to Not Be Found?

Finding people can be tricky, especially if they do not want to be found. You might need to reach an old classmate, find someone that owes you money; or you are looking for a lost relative that is going out of their way to not be found. You try searching on Google but nothing comes up. If someone does not want to be found, a Google people search may not be enough. You will need to use an advanced people search in order to find their address, phone number, or contact information.

Though it is possible to get off the grid and hide, it is not impossible to find that person.

Here are some things people who want to hide do:

Use a fake social account for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest.

Use a fake email address.

Change their phone number.

In order to reveal such information, you will need to create an account with GoLookUp!

Start with the Following:

Start a search with GoLookUp People Search

find someone

Answer questions related to the person that will help you narrow down the vast amount of data and information GoLookUp searches through.

Note all information you know about that person or someone you are searching.

Once GoLookUp lists the potential people that could be that someone you are searching for, choose the most appropriate person and let GoLookUp’s system work its magic.

If nothing came up, write down or find out who the person’s relatives are. Try and perform the same method and search for that someone’s relatives. That is the easiest and fastest way on how to find someone using public records websites!

Since GoLookUp searches and analyzes billions of records, it is highly likely a positive result will yield.

In this case a report will look much like this:

how to find someone

If a people report came up empty, try and remember the person’s phone number. If you know that someone’s phone number, try performing a reverse phone lookup.

A reverse phone lookup will give you complete owner information including addresses, location and background check in just a few minutes!

finding someone


If you do not know the person’s phone number, and you know the address of the individual, try running a reverse address lookup.


find someone address

A reverse address lookup will give you every piece of information about the owner of the property or address!

If you do not have any of that information, but you might have the person's email address. You can perform a reverse email search with GoLookUp. That will give you complete information of the person behind the email address! 

find someone email

Reasons as to Why People Do not Want to be Found! 

1. They are natural loners. Some people prefer to be alone, then part of a crowd. 
2. They might have run into financial issues. 
3. They might have gone through a nasty breakup and need alone time. 
4. Could have realized that too much social network is actually harmful. 
5. They are tired of impressing others and living up to other people's standards. 
6. They preffer peace and quiet over drama and action. 
7. They do not like other people, and want to have as little as interaction as possible. 
8. Some people were severly hurt and had just given up on trying again. 
9. Could have given up on society due to bad experiences. 
10. They do not wish or want to be part of society. 

GoLookUp offers a variety of ways to go about finding someone. Should you have any questions, please feel free to email us, or call our customer service, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! 

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on February 16, 2020
Sensitive Information!