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Flagstaff Arizona Crime Statistics, Arrest and Population Information

Located in the northern regions of Arizona, Flagstaff is a metropolitan city. The geographic positioning of Flagstaff makes it quite popular for nature enthusiasts. On the south is the Colorado Plateau, on the west is ponderosa pine forest, and Mount Elden is in close proximity.

A short drive from the city will take you to Humphreys Peak, which is Arizona’s highest point. During the early years of this city, it depended on ranching, railroad, and lumber industries for its economy. The city continues to be popular among tourists, as it is close to Grand Canyon National Park, Meteor Crater, Route 66, and Oak Creek Canyon.

flagstaff arizona public records

Crime Statistics

The crime index of Flagstaff, Arizona is only seven, which indicates that it is only safer than 7% of the cities in the U.S. 291 violent crimes took place, which covers rape, nonnegligent manslaughter and murder, robbery, and assault. Similarly, the number of property crimes, which combines burglary, larceny-theft, vehicle theft, and arson is 3,088. On a scale of one to 10, violent crime is 32.3, while property crime is 58.4 in Flagstaff (both are above the U.S average).

The crime rate is 47.29 for every 1,000 residents living within the city limits of Flagstaff, which is slightly higher than the average crime rate in the country. 

The chance of becoming a victim of property or violent crime hovers around 1 in 21. Over 91% of the communities within Arizona have lower crime rates than Flagstaff. Looking at the crime per square mile, there are 53 cases in Flagstaff, which is higher than the average of the state (31 cases).

Cosnino, Elden Pueblo, Kachina Village, Munds Park, City Center, and S Old Munds Highway are some of the safest neighborhoods in Arizona.

Arrests in Flagstaff:

The number of registered sex offenders living within the city limits is 87, which is close to the state average. The ratio of residents to registered sex offenders in Flagstaff is 821:1.

In 2017, the police department arrested 278 Caucasians and 189 Native Americans for DUI. For aggravated assault, 47% of the cases involved Caucasians, while 46% were the Native Americans.

In 2016, people between the ages of 25 – 29, accounted for the most number of arrests, at 18%, followed by those between 21 – 24.

Population in Flagstaff:

As per July 1st, 2017, the number of people living in Flagstaff, Arizona is 71,975, out which, 31% belong to the age groups 18 – 24. About 18.6% of the population is between the age group 35 – 54, and 14.6% fall under 25 – 34.

75.6% of the population has white descent, 10.1% are Alaska Native and American Indian, 19.3% are Latino or Hispanic, and 2.8% are Asian. Those of African American or Black descent accounts for 2.6% of the population, while 0.2% are from Pacific islands. 82.3% of the population in Flagstaff speak English, while 10% communicate in Spanish. 3.6% speak Native American languages, while 3.4% speak in Navajo.

28.1% of the population is attending college, 92.2% are high school graduates, and 44.3% of them graduated from college. Moving on to the employment statistics, 19.1% of the population work in the education industry and 16.1% have jobs in accommodation. 13.2% of the residents in Flagstaff are retail employees, 12.2% are healthcare workers, and 7.4% are in manufacturing.

5.3% of the population are in public service, 4.7% are employed in technical, scientific, and professional services, and 3.4% are in arts. Administration, transportation, and construction accounts for 8.4% of the employed adults.

The per capita income of individuals in Flagstaff is $25,540, while the median household income is $50,677; both values are below the country average. At present, 23.3% of the population living in Flagstaff are below the poverty line.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on January 17, 2022
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