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Child Abuse Laws in Florida: These are Child Abuse laws for the State of

Florida is very strict when it comes to instances of child abuse. They have strict punishment for anyone who harms a child in any possible way. With too many crimes being committed against children daily, the state of Florida deemed it fit to have stricter guidelines when it comes to child abuse law.

What is child abuse?
Florida is very strict and sincere with cases of Child abuse. It can be considered abuse even if the child is not physically touched but witnesses an act of abuse. Any kind of infliction of cruelty on a child be it physical or mental will be considered as child abuse by the state of Florida. Thus any intentional act that causes or brings harm to the child is considered as abuse.

Who is there to report?
The state of Florida mandates any physician, medical examiner, psychologist, social worker, teacher, law enforcement worker to report child abuse. Other than those professionals any person who suspects or have reasonable evidence to suggest child abuse must report the cases to the child protective service or any other concerned authority. However, any false reporting might cause certain punishment. Anonymous reporting is accepted.

Florida Child Abuse Laws

Steps to be taken after reporting

The concerned authority along with child protective department takes the matter into their own hands. An investigation is launched. It is enquired to establish if child abuse has been done or not. If child abuse cannot be established on absolute grounds, then a  jury decides if the abuse has happened or not. It is encouraged by the state of Florida to gather as much information as can be obtained from the primary informant. If an informant cannot give details such as the name of abuser or victim, any act that has been deemed as child abuse should still be reported. A cat committed at an institution, witnessed by the public will also be subject to the inquiry. It is of great help if the informant can provide the nature of the abuse along with details such as the age of the possible victim and such other related information.

The child is immediately removed from the place where the abuse has happened. The child can also become a ward of the state if the abuser is the child's parents. Depending on the nature and condition of the abuse, the state of Florida may place the child who has been abused in foster care. The child receives a suitable evaluation and then gets placed at a place where they will have an opportunity to grow without being abused.

If a child has received a punishment as a means to be disciplined and it has not caused any harm, physical or mental to the child, then such cases will not be considered as a child abuse case.  

Florida Child Abuse Law

Punishment for child abuse in Florida
Any crime that is committed against children in the state of Florida is brought under consideration of third-degree felony. It can lead to imprisonment of up to 5 years. Suitable fine deemed fit also might be inflicted. Depending on the nature of the crime, other punishment can also be brought against the perpetrator. False notification of a crime of child abuse is also strictly prohibited by law.

Prevention for child abuse in Florida
The state of Florida tells its citizens that they may or may not know if abuse is taking place, but they might raise their voice if they are concerned. This kind of encouragement to proactive participation has helped several children from being abused. 

The state of Florida wants to ensure a good and safe for the environment for children to grow. It will give the rightful opportunity to the citizens of the future, the children, to flourish and prosper. 


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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on October 22, 2021
Sensitive Information!