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Judicial Records Florida: How to Get Free Judicial Records in the State of Florida

What is a Public Record?

Public records are the pieces of information in the form of letters, documents, audio or visual tapes, photographs, films, software processing programs, etc that are preserved by the State departments to transmit or pass on knowledge. Such records are non-confidential in nature and are available for review to the general public.

In accordance with Florida State Records Act, the residents of Florida can access and acquire public records. Florida State Records website was specially designed so that the citizens could access the government information. You don't need to share your personal details while making a request for reviewing public records. The Florida State Records website maintains around 185 million transparent public records. Also, information regarding criminal records, court records, vital records are also maintained by the Florida State Department.

What do you Mean by Florida Public Records Laws?

The State of Florida follows the policy of an open records system. The state embraced to practice the laws laid down in Chapter 119 of the Florida Statutes also known as Public Records Law. It states that any events, records, acts or resolutions passed during the time-frame of a particular government entity will be considered as public records.

The state legislature can maintain few exceptional documents in private and restrict access to the public. The Sunshine Law allows the locals of Florida to make a request for reviewing public records. The Attorney General’s office publishes information in a manual called 'Government-in-the-Sunshine.' The manual is updated once a year. It provides instructions about dealing with public information in the State of Florida.

Florida Judicial Records

The State of Florida is very popular for maintaining public records in the most sophisticated system. The information is available in a State-owned website, specially designed for this purpose. Fill up the required fields on the website and make or print a copy of the required information. It must be noted that the data is updated on the website on a regular basis. The State of Florida strictly prohibits its citizens from misusing the data.

Why were Judicial Records made Public in Florida?

The practice of generating public records came into existence in 1966 when the Freedom of Information Act was passed. During the same time, the Florida State Legislature introduced the Sunshine Law to support the existing Freedom of Information Act.

This enabled the residents of Florida to obtain public records of government agencies easily. The State agencies undertook the responsibility to provide relentless service to access this information to the people.

The Florida State Government and third party agencies have collaborated so that the citizens could access and avail the public records digitally. Florida State is committed to following the laws laid down by the United States of America for equal justice to one and all.

How to Get Free Judicial Records in the State of Florida?

You can request for judicial records from the Florida State Department by post, e-mail, telephone, fax or in person.

  • You can apply for a judicial record through mail post. The postal address is mentioned below:

Bureau of Vital Statistics

Attn: Vital Records Section

P.O. Box 210

Jacksonville, FL 32231-0042

Judicial Records Florida

You can apply for a judicial record through online mode using the link below:


  • E-mail id: OpenGovernment@myfloridacfo.com

  • Telephone: 850-413-3149

  • Fax: 850-488-0697

  • In-person: Written request is not required for obtaining records. Applicants details are kept confidential

Research and academic students, journalists, writers, and genealogists are some of the people who request for accessing the public records. There are no designated agencies responsible for managing for accessing public records in the US. To obtain any information regarding the events of government officials or judicial documents, you need to know in advance regarding rules and regulations of respective states, cities or counties.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on January 18, 2022
Sensitive Information!