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The Best Methods for Performing a Free Background Check!

Background checks allow people to find valuable information about individuals that cannot be discovered in traditional methods. If, for instance, you meet new neighbors and ask them about their past, you are not guaranteed to get the truth. That is why there are background check websites and other online resources you can use to get accurate information about the people in your life.

While some background check sites charge a fee for their services, there are also free background check websites that you can use to track down important information. So, if you need to run a free background check on people, these are the websites and resources that are available to you:

Free Background Check

Go to Google

The first place that you can perform a free background check is the biggest search engine today – Google. To find information about a certain individual, you need to type in their full name with quotation marks, like "Jenny Jones". Naturally, you will get many results with each name you search, so you will need to narrow down the query by using additional information you have on the person you are looking for, like the state/city they live in. For instance, "Jenny Jones Wilmington Delaware".

You will get fewer results, but still quite a few you will need to sift through. To get even more information, use social media websites and apps to find the person in question: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and similar resources are a great place to perform a basic and free background check on the people in your life.

With Google and social media sites and apps, you are able to find people's names, find out if they are in a relationship, find out where they work, and see photos of them. Keep in mind that there are people who provide false information about who they are, so you are not guaranteed to find accurate results when using Google and other sites.

Background Check Free

Sex Offender Registries

Aside from juvenile offenders and sealed cases, information about sex offenders is made public as part of public safety laws. So, you can use state and county sex offender registries to find information about sex offenders in your area and other places.

This type of free background check will provide information only about registered sex offenders, so if you are searching for data about someone who is not a registered sex offender, this is not the place to look. With a registered sex offender search, you will find names, addresses, contact information, photos, and the crimes the person you are looking for committed.

Free Background Checks

State public records search websites

Aside from sex offender registries, there are additional records that are made available to the public. In the year 2020, every state operates websites dedicated to finding public records. The websites provide access to birth records, marriage records, divorce records, court records, and additional public records. So, you can gather information by entering the state websites and searching for people you want to know more about. Click HERE for a complete list of the 2020 state public records where you can perform free background checks.

2020 state public records


The methods we have mentioned so far provide free background check information, but you will need to search for each piece of data individually. Only then will you be able to compile a full background check on people. Those methods are helpful for those who need basic information about people but if you need a complete report about individuals, https://backgroundchecks.org/ is the website you need.

backgroundchecks.org is a free background check website where you can find a great deal of information about people in the United States, including:

  • Full name
  • Criminal records
  • Bankruptcy information
  • Addresses and phone numbers
  • Family history and relationships

The online search engine has access to more than 1 billion public records, so you can perform a background check on practically any person you want. To perform the search, you need to provide the first name, last name, and state of residence of the person you are looking for.

The search will be completed within minutes, so you will get the information you need in no time.



Another website that you can use to perform a free background check on people in https://www.freepeoplescan.com/. Similar to backgroundchecks.org, freepeoplescan.com provides free access to public records in the United States. In addition to a name-based search engine, freepeoplescan.com operates the following directories:

  • Reverse phone number search
  • Real Estate and Property Records
  • Email Lookup

These directories are very helpful in cases where people provide their aliases or do not provide their true names. If, for instance, you are registered to an online dating website and you have doubts about the people you speak with, you can enter their phone number into the site's reverse phone number directory and find their public records.

That way, if someone provided you with a false name, you can find out their real name based on their phone number. You can also get access to their birth records, criminal records, marriage records, and other records and find out the truth about romantic love interests. This is just one example of how you can use the free background check services provided by freepeoplescan.com to find reliable and impartial information about people. You can use the site for other reasons, and discover who might be lying to you.


Free background checks can provide you with a lot of details about people that they usually do not provide on their own. There are several ways in which you can perform a free background check online, and with these types of checks, you can save yourself a lot of trouble.  

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 16, 2022
Sensitive Information!