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Government Records Georgia: Where to Obtain Government Records for the State of Georgia?

In the state of Georgia, filing an open records request is a simple process. Due to the recent legislation, it has become even easier these days. The updated Sunshine Laws in the state have introduced even more transparency to the government records like assorted files, maps, books, photographs and minutes of meetings.

As you intend to get government records in the state, you will have to fill up a form that you can find the website of the state’s Governor.

Open records from the Federal Agency:

Just, in case, you plan to request open records from the federal agency, you will have to fill up an application on the website of the US Department of Justice. If the public record that you wish to request does not disrupt any privacy laws, you can access the documents you need at a very minimal price.

According to state law, it is important that agencies that make these documents available to the public must offer them at an affordable cost as much as possible.

Georgia Government Records
What does the Georgia Open Records Act state?

According to the Georgia Open Records Act, all government records are accessible for copying and inspection except when they are particularly relieved from disclosure under the law.

If a custodian of public records or a government agency withholds a public document from the product under an Open Records Request, they must quote to the particular statutory provision of Georgia Law that prevents the record from being produced.

How to request for government records?

A request to examine or duplicate a record can be made either orally or you can also make it in writing. To achieve better clarification of the scope and for documenting the timing of the request, rather than making an oral request, it would be a good idea to make the request in writing. You can find the request form on the appropriate government website in Georgia.

What are public records in Georgia?

In the state of Georgia, the term public records are used for denoting, photographs, tapes, books, maps, letters, papers, documents, computer-generated or those gathered from other sources prepared and maintained by a government agency. When releasing public records, these agencies have every right to hide some personal details like bank account details, credit card information, and social security number that should not be revealed to others.

Government Records Georgia
What will be the cost to obtain government records?

According to state law, an agency responsible for preparing and maintaining these records might impose a reasonable charge. Based on the type of open record request and depending on whether just a search or a production of records is requested, they have every right to charge an affordable fee in the state.

The cost will be decided based on the hourly salary of the lowest-paid employee qualified in the state for conducting the search of an open records request. However, there will not be any charge for the first quarter-hour of the employee time expanded.

If you request copies, each photocopy will cost you 10 cents per page. Based on the format and type of media, other charges might apply as well. In some instances, the agency might request an agreement from the person requesting to pay costs before the agency begins the search and retrieval of data.

If you are the requestor, you can make the payment by check or money order payable to the Georgia Secretary of State. The memo line of the MO or check should have the terms “Open Records Request”. The mail for obtaining the records should be to the attention of the “Open Records Officer”.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on June 28, 2022
Sensitive Information!