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Glen Falls New York Overview of City and Crime Rate Statistics

The settlement of Glen Falls was coined by Colonel Johannes Glen because of the large waterfall in the Hudson River.  The population at an average as detailed on many statistical websites is approximately 14,422 in Glen Falls. In New York, the population index is about 19,697,457 and the national calculations amount to 318,558,162 in total. The city referred to as Empire City and is also referred to as Hometown USA – the nicknames say a lot about this county located in the state of New York. Unfortunately, like the rest of the country, Glen Falls also has its fair share of crime.

Glen Falls New York Minimum Wage Index

The minimum wage based on the national capital index (taking into account New York and Glen Falls) amounts to US$ 29,929 at an average. However, the rate in Glen Falls based on per capita income rates at about $27,147 which is way lower than the aggregate of the New York average (24%) and the national average (16%) in total. The household average works at an approximate of $46,305 and the unemployment rate as per statistics reaches a figure of 6% considerably way higher than the total average in the national range. Poverty levels are at 16% which is rather concerning for the county.

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Glen Falls New York Cost of Living and General Tonality

Compared to other parts of the country where the standard and the cost of living is way above the mark for an average family, the cost of living index is about 18% lower than New York. The calculations are based on various factors like housing, goods and services, transportation, utilities and so on an so forth.

Glen Falls is a great place to buy property as the range is not as high as its counterparts in other regions of the country. In terms of religion, the Protestant denomination has been reigning supreme but citizens have opened their doors to other faiths in this small county.


An Overview of Glen Falls New York

Based on the Census Bureau the city has about 3.9 square miles of land and 0.1 square miles of water. About 42 percent of the people over 15 years are married. The 95 percent of people are conversant in English as the common language with 2% being Spanish.

There are two school districts that are run on their own without any government support. Public parks, the Glens Falls Civic Center which hosts entertainment events, sports, concerts is a common place to hang out by the young and not so young. Ice hockey is also promoted at the center with other sports like baseball and tennis falling into the domain of other locations in this county.

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Glen Falls New York Crime Rate and Arrests

Property crimes are on the up and up probably because of the unemployment factor. The reported statistics display the crime levels being at 1548 per one hundred thousand people. Assault is at 169.9 per 100,000 people, rape 35.2 per 100,000, burglary at 225.2 per 100,000, theft at 1315.8 per 100,000 and so on and so forth. The crime index and the arrest rates are based on reported events and findings by the authorities. In general, the gross rates of crimes are lower than the city of New York.

Glen Falls New York General Information

When you look at the big picture, buying property and living in this simple county is a great way to get by without much fanfare. Crime rates in various parts of the country are rising because of myriad factors, however, murder is not such a problem in this county. The overview, therefore, speaks that this small county has a lot to offer in various portals of domestic and commercial corridors.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on May 19, 2019
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